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Armed police siege in Chepstow unfolds on Twitter

Armed police officers spent nearly nine hours at a Chepstow address when a man threatened to harm himself on Wednesday morning. The man has now been led away by police.

A member of the public raised the alarm at 6.30am this morning, according to a Gwent Police spokeswoman. Police then sealed off the road in Aust Crescent in the Bulwark area of the town.

The story unfolded on Twitter. Kevin Ward, publisher of the South Wales Argus, was one of the first to tweet the news at 9:38 am.

One eyewitness sent this photograph to WalesOnline, showing two police officers wielding guns. The photograph was posted to Twitter around 10:30 am.

“A BB gun has been thrown out of the window of the house,” the South Wales Argus reported on their website at 12:13 pm.

At 2 pm, this photograph was taken of police armed with shields outside the house, posted to Twitter by Real Radio Wales journalist Jennie Clark.

As our own reporter Nicola Hendy reported live from the scene at 1:55 pm, she could hear noise escalate in the background. She then learned the police reportedly “battered” the door to the house and led a man away.

“The @ITVWales lunchtime news was the exact moment it all came to an end. About 5 seconds after we went live!” Nicola tweeted.

Gwent Police have not yet released the name of the man.

Details of the siege are still coming in.

Were you around to see the siege unfold? Tell us what happened in the comments below.


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