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UFOs fact or fiction?

The idea that there could be intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe is one that has gripped the human race from the dawn of time.

The files are available for the next month on the National Archives website

This fascination with all things extra terrestrial has spawned a library of books both fiction and non fiction and untold miles of footage of documentaries and science fiction programmes alike

Who hasn’t watched the X Files? Which of us didn’t see Doctor Who either as a child or now with its fantastic story-lines and special effects?

But perhaps most fascinating to me is the news that the National Archive has today released Ministry of Defence files covering thousands of UFO sightings between 1985 and 2007

One of the most interesting documents released was from an intelligence officer who admitted that despite all the reported sightings very little time and money had ever been spent in following them up

The 34 released files included information about several sightings over Wales.

With this in mind I went to see Lionel Fanthorpe.

Based in Cardiff he is a former president of the British UFO Association and gave me his take on what it all means.

Watch Lynn’s interview with Lionel at ITV.com/Wales



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