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Welsh Tornado

The only tornado I have ever seen was the one in the Wizard of Oz that transported Dorothy and her little dog Toto sky high to adventures new.

The waterspout formed right next to their boat

So I was very interested to have the chance of interviewing some fishermen who had been caught up in a tornado right here in Wales just off the coast at Porthcawl

Paul Williams from Ystrad  who owns the boat , normally  takes the craft “Tea Bags“ out every Sunday with  friends and family .

They like to spend the day fishing. Its relaxing and a chance to tell those back home about the “one that got away “

So it was that yesterday Paul and his son Steve from Aberdare and their friend Chris Wallen from Ferndale  were out off Porthcawl when they spotted the tell tale funnel shape of a Tornado on the horizon.

They could hardly believe their eyes!

Within minutes the water was swelling around them and blew right through the boat , tearing  off the roof and damaging the door.

Chris Wallen told me:

“It was like something off ‘The Wizard of Oz’. You could see the funnel going up three, four hundred feet in the air, and you could see it snaking up into the clouds.

“It was good to watch, but it was a frightening experience at the time.”

Watch Lynn’s interview with Chris and Paul at ITV.com/Wales



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