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E.coli outbreak

As soon as I heard, on Friday, about the E.coli outbreak in Cardiff my mind immediately went back to 2005 and the outbreak that claimed the life of five-year-old Mason Jones.

Mason died after eating contaminated meat, and food appears to be the source in this latest incident.

The Adonis Kebab House on the capital’s City Road has been closed. Cardiff Council has put a notice on the shop door saying that it’s been linked to the outbreak because of poor standards of cleaning and practise.

There are now seven confirmed cases, and that number is likely to increase over the next few days because the bug has a 14 day incubation period which means some people may not have started showing symptoms yet.

Thankfully two of the three patients who were admitted to hospital have now been discharged, but one remains seriously ill.

But many may be asking how this could happen again. Several recommendations were made about food hygiene standards at the public inquiry into Mason’s death. The man who gave that advice, Prof. Hugh Pennington said he was “disappointed”at this latest outbreak.

Some are now calling for all eateries to put their hygiene records on display for customers to encourage businesses to take cleanliness seriously.

That may make workers think more carefully, but the only way to ensure there isn’t another food related outbreak of E.coli inWales, is for everyone preparing food to follow all the food safety standards.



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