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A bundle of blogs in Wales

More than 100 blogs made the long list of nominees in the second Wales Blog Awards. That’s a lots of blogs. Especially if you want to read them all.

Solution: A Google bundle. Here is a bundle of all the blogs nominated that use RSS — Really Simple Syndication. A few of them don’t, which means we can’t stick them in the bundle. (Sorry. You can read them from the bundle link, or subscribe to them in your own Google Reader.)

Visiting every single blog, every single day, would take a lot of time — ours and yours. That’s why the bundle is so useful. It mashes up all the blogs in reverse chronological order like a master blog.

The blogs made the bundle because they were long listed by Wales Blog Awards, which is run by WEPR and Media Wales. They used these guidelines, and will use judging criteria. Some of the blogs were nominated in more than one category.

Nominations for the awards closed on 1 September. The awards will be announced on 27 October after being judged by this panel.

This bundle does not include every blog in Wales, though. In fact, there are probably a few good ones that didn’t get nominated to the awards.

Tell us what blogs should be in our bundle.


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