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All four miners found dead in Gleision Colliery

Police confirmed tonight that all four miners died in Gleision Colliery.

WATCH: Police confirm fourth miner is found

Emergency services worked tirelessly to rescue the miners who were thought to be trapped after a sudden flood of water came into the mine yesterday morning.

The miners were:

  • Phillip Hill, 45, Neath
  • Charles Bresnan, 62, Swansea Valley
  • David Powell, 50, Swansea Valley
  • Garry Jenkins, 39, Swansea Valley

Three other miners escaped when the water flooded. Two came out unharmed and helped with the rescue efforts. The third was taken to hospital in critical condition, but has now stablised.

Sympathy and condolences were sent from around the world as the media broadcast the hopeful rescue, then tragic ending. The community in the Swansea Valley — with a long legacy of mining — pulled together in support.

WATCH: Community pulls together for the families of deceased miners

The families were faced with uncertainty throughout the day. One by one, bodies were found but could not be formally identified, leaving families uncertain if they were to grieve or remain hopeful.

WATCH: Families cope with day of uncertainty and loss

But by 6pm, all the world knew the fate of the four miners.

Watch a special documentary on the Gleision Colliery tragedy next Tuesday night on ITV 1 Wales.


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