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Sharp End returns

Sharp End is back tonight after its summer break and it seems there’s as much to talk about in Welsh politics as there was before.

Our main interviewee is Peter Hain. The Shadow Welsh Secretary has also been leading a controversial shake-up of his party commissioned by its leader, Ed Miliband. So with Labour about to hold its annual conference, I’ll be asking him why he thinks it needs a new start and what could it mean for the party in Wales.

And since it’s conference season, we’ll be looking at the other parties who’ve been holding their annual get-togethers. For the Liberal Democrats it was all about defending the decision to join forces with the Conservatives in a coalition government. We’ve been hearing from the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

Plaid Cymru meanwhile is at a crossroads. As members gear up to choose a new leader, they know they have big questions to answer about what sort of party they belong to and what direction it should go in.

Plenty to talk about then with my guests, the former Plaid AM, Helen Mary Jones and the Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats, Alison Goldsworthy. Join us at 1035pm ITV1 Wales.


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