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Labour Conference: Only in Liverpool

Here I am back in the City State of Liverpool, somewhat like the Vatican City, with its own rules, character, positive sense of entitlement, cheerful wit, downright eccentricity and vast energy.

It is usually only for funerals and weddings that I have been back in recent years, so it’s a welcome change to return for the Labour Party’s vibrant conference that signals a huge amount of change, a change that is backdropped by the huge environmental changes in Liverpool itself. Driving here and arriving into the city brought me into a regeneration area. Much of the old area of Kensington or Kenny as we liked to call it, flattened to make way for better things.

And although I am sure Peter Hain will not be flattening the party any time soon, he is keen to re-found Labour to ensure a win at the next election to also make way for better things.

He told a Welsh media briefing this morning it was vital to cut through the red tape and anything that was holding it back to return to a party rooted in communities to convince people that Labour can serve them. And yet what a lot the party still has to do to convince voters that Ed Milliband is the right man for the job of leader recent polls putting him on a rather insecure footing. And it was an insecure footing that saw me checking into the Britannia Adelphi last night, which seemed to be unwittingly hosting a party of cosmopolitan dimensions on its threshold. Battling my way in with tripod and camera kit through the exuberant melee was an experience only to be echoed by seeing a man in red shorts and football top and a girl with a sparkly tiara at breakfast!

Only in Liverpool where life has always been a party despite the awful poverty of some. Cheers to you all!!



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