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Its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll

As I am sure you will know this afternoon was a very important one for the Labour Party here in sunny Liverpool. For Ed Miliband in  his speech to Conference had to convince the Faithful that Labour is back on track to victory in the next General Election.

Already, he has held himself a hostage to fortune by saying — somewhat unwisely — at Welsh night that if they couldn’t beat this coalition Government what could they beat?

Unwise because getting back on track to victory could be a much longer job than Mr Miliband thinks.

But still, there we were in the Conference Hall waiting for the Grand Entrance, music tinkling in the background. We were treated to such canny tunes as let’s Stick Together by Roxy Music. And Come up and See Me Make Me Smile Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel and various other suitable ditties.

Then we were given the warm up Act: Video clips from all sorts of people on why they would vote Labour and an exciting endorsement from Alex Fergusen — yes him from Man U which made the blood boil of some of the Liverpool supporters!!  Alex Fergusen!!
Anyway pressing on , Ed Miliband finally took to the stage and, was for the most part, a mixture of the earnest leader and a stand-up comedian. He told us how the media had covered various major recent events in his life..the birth of his second son Sam, his marriage, and then his nose job. He joked that the press had called his surgery ‘Red Nose Day’. Apparently he had a deviated septum and it needed repositioning. The response from the press, they accused him of being a typical Labour leader — get elected and then move everything to the centre.
He then talked about the various problems Britain is facing; the economy, getting young people back to work and his ambition to change our country
He said:

“In every Generation there comes a moment when we need to change the way we do things and this is one of those moments”

He said we’ve ended up with a financial crisis with the public footing the bill, before taking a swipe at energy companies, accusing them of having big vested interests which have gone unchallenged while the public is ripped off.
This was not without its irony as unbeknownst to Mr M the media centre lost power for ten minutes losing bits of his speech while he was lambasting the powers that be! But it was when he spoke of the NHS that he got the warmest reception:

“Let me tell David Cameron this. Its the oldest truth in politics . He knows it and the public knows it You can’t Trust the Tories with the NHS “

That certainly drew the warmest and most genuine response of the afternoon. It can’t be easy making this type of speech, so much is at stake. And it was quite a lengthy endeavour and difficult to pull off a consistent performance throughout.
But Mr Miliband gave it his all and exited going higher and higher to the tops steps of the Echo Arena disappearing in a puff of smoke to the strains of rock Band ACDC Its a long way to the Top if you Want to Rock and Roll — That last bit’s perhaps not entirely true!



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