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Cheryl Gillan practices accents at audio-books for children recording

Sometimes its very easy to see politicians as one dimensional characters.

For example, Cheryl Gillan, Secretary of State for Wales, has a hugely responsible job. She deals with serious matters on a daily basis.

So it was a revelation to see her today recording a children’s story for youngsters totally enjoying herself and immersed in bringing characters to life.

Watch Cheryl Gillan practice her Scottish accent

She was reading a story by Jaqueline Wilson that involved using different accents for the different parts.

Fun! But it served the serious aim of recording a children’s adventure for a free audio library service that has 19,000 members with disabilities, such as dyslexia and poor eyesight.The service is part of a social action scheme that takes place at the Conservative conference every year.



One thought on “Cheryl Gillan practices accents at audio-books for children recording

  1. She needs some practice on her ‘Welsh’ one, as do most of the newsreaders on Wales Tonight.

    Posted by Blaidd | October 4, 2011, 7:28 pm

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