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Before the Wales/France match, a final word…

Frances Donovan presents the coverage of the match on ITV1 Wales from 8.30am on Saturday morning. Also, you can follow her on Twitter – @FranDonovanTV

So, here we are, just a match away from a World Cup Final. Part of me wants to say I can’t quite believe it and it feels a bit like a dream – maybe that’s just down to the fact I haven’t slept much ahead of the previous crack of dawn starts! Actually though I can believe it. This Wales side fills me with so much confidence. They’re fearless, but not in an undisciplined way – rather it’s the courage brought by a cool head, discipline, great preparation and knowing you’re at the top of your game.

Anchoring this 2011 Rugby World Cup has been a blast. The production and technical teams are first class and my producer, Rob, has worked his socks off to get the very best pictures, interviews and reaction from both hemispheres.

In studio we’ve had a great time. Mike Hall, Mark Jones, Gareth Llewelyn, Mark Taylor, Rhys Williams and Michael Owen have all been terrific pundits. They know the Welsh game inside out and none of them are afraid to call it as they see it. My only bug bear? They all hoover up the biscuits that Rhidian, our floor manager, keeps supplied before I get a look in. Athletes honing their bodies? Not if the crumbs left on the studio desk are anything to go by!

So just Les Bleus to vanquish to see us one step closer to that Webb Ellis trophy…..JUST! Not an easy task, I know, but knock the French early on with a couple of scores and then stop them making the most of any possession, like we did with Ireland. I can really see this happening. I may not sleep tonight… but I’ll definitely dream!

Wherever you’re watching the match – in your rugby club, on your sofa, in a sea of red at the Millennium Stadium or at Eden Park itself – have a great time. And thank you for your company through this amazing tournament – we would never want to do it without you!



3 thoughts on “Before the Wales/France match, a final word…

  1. I suggest that the (English) name for our country be changed so that the UK consists of England, Ireland, Scotland and GATLAND. (It will of course forever remain Cymru).

    Kevin Durham, Mold.

    Posted by Kevin Durham | October 15, 2011, 7:25 am
  2. I am a Scotland rugby supporter, Wales were robbed and cheated by a ref this morning who put one of the worst French sides into the finals. Robert W Crowe 01764684535

    Posted by Robert W Crowe | October 15, 2011, 11:13 am
  3. the ref needs to remember he must if a player lifts another player off the ground he must send him off ,?, Wales will be watching,?

    Posted by gary scott | October 15, 2011, 11:15 am

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