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The future of our national parks: Museums or hi-tech powerhouses?

I’ve had a very interesting interview with Dr Christopher Jones, director of business analytics at Bangor Business School ahead of tonight’s Wales This Week programme.

The theme of our interview centred on national parks and what advantages they can bring to an area, their future and the challenges they face.

It was detailed but overall, despite the challenges the economy faces, particularly in rural areas he’s optimistic about the future of parks in Wales.

His argument went like this: The national parks are beautiful places and great places to come and visit. The quality of life that can be achieved could act as a major spur for hi-tech companies to start up here. Very much on the model of Silicon Valley in California, which I thought was an interesting point.

But a better point still was his thinking about the prospects for young people in national parks. The general scenario is that many leave for the bright lights of the cities because there are few opportunities.

But his view is that with all that new technology offers it is possible for young people to start up web businesses and the like from their own homes Its really a matter of self confidence and vision. Jobs are becoming more and more difficult to come by so there is a need for a spirit of free enterprise.

Hi –tech businesses like this are potentially very lucrative.

Why not have hi-tech hubs in national parks. Welsh Silicon Valleys. It’s a thought.


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