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Rugby World Cup 2011

Roll on the 2015 Rugby World Cup…

Not that I’m wishing my time away but I’ve calculated that it’s around  1450 days until the next Rugby World Cup, back here in the Northern Hemisphere, in 2015. I think the fact that a lot of us are talking about that already is a mark of how great the tournament just gone has been.

Obviously the 2011 RWC has been special to so many Welsh fans because of the calibre of the performances put in by Warren Gatland’s squad. You’ll have seen the pictures of them arriving home by now, big smiles all round as they got off the coach at The Vale Resort just outside Cardiff. While a large part of that will have been the delight of being reunited with families and friends, they’ve got to be pleased with the tag of ‘one of the most exciting and popular teams of the tournament’. They were called that by a no-nonsense New Zealand public, whose appreciation of those who do justice to the sport they’re crazy about is hard to win but worth its weight in gold to have.

Early estimates show this 2011 Rugby World Cup has already brought more than NZ$750 million into the Kiwi economy. That’s got to have helped heal some of the hurt of a country that’s been battered by a series of disasters over the past year. And the Welsh have definitely played a substantial part in that – not just the performances of the team that really focussed the eyes of the world on New Zealand as the weeks went by – but also the travelling Welsh army of fans who were taken to the hearts of the Kiwi community and gave as much as they could back in return.

I’m really happy for the All Blacks that they’ve got their hands on the Webb Ellis trophy for the first time in more than two decades. If it wasn’t to be Wales, then it’s fitting that the country which has hosted such a terrific tournament, the team that’s thrilled the game for years and the fans who love and dissect every ruck, maul and scrum almost as avidly as we the Welsh do, have got their reward. I’m also really pleased that the final turned out to be as good as it was. We all know the old adage of ‘you never know which French team will turn up’ – gratifyingly it was a Gallic group who seemed genuinely hungry for victory who pulled on their Cup final shirts on Sunday. You could see the pain at the end, defeat by a single point hurts as we know, but at least Les Bleus are able to fly home from New Zealand knowing they put the ignominy of defeat to Tonga and the criticism of almost going AWOL against Wales behind them with a brave fight against the men in black.

It’s been a huge privilege to be part of the RWC coverage and to hear the thoughts and predictions of fans every step of the way. I’m not going to do a Gwyneth or a Kate and lyrically wax on about the taxi driver who got me to studio or the company who made my mascara or the newsagent who faithfully delivered my copy of ‘Rugby World’ on time and… well, you know the score.

I do want to say a big thanks though to the production and technical teams on our coverage who were brilliant every step of the way. I had the luxury of cracking pundits in the shape of Mike, Mark J, Gareth, Mark T, Rhys and Mike Owen who were their usual incisive and entertaining selves and also taught me it’s the survival of the fittest when it comes to getting your share of biscuits and tea at 5am on a Saturday morning! No wonder they all got to the very top of the game! Last, but by no way least, thanks to you for coming along for the ride – it wouldn’t have been the same without you! Roll on 2015!



4 thoughts on “Roll on the 2015 Rugby World Cup…

  1. I and everyone I have spoken to in my golf club(where we watched most of the games) all my friends ,colleagues and anybody I have spoken to regarding the ITV Wales coverage were dissapointed to say the very least.
    Why when you have Steve Ryder and three World cup winners on a panel do you imagine people in Wales want to watch a totally biased panel of three ex Wesl players with Frances who?
    If I lived nearer the border I would have driven to England to watch Educated,informed impartial comments from a panel of experts introduced by a true professional presenter.
    As for the commentary does Andy Moore ever stop talking?One commentator and the occasional comment from a pundit is sufficient.
    Volumes were turned down and people left the room when rugby was not being shown.
    Please if you have the rights for 2015 make some changes.

    Posted by Paul Griffiths | October 24, 2011, 10:03 pm
    • There seems to be something intrinsically paradoxical in postulating the question ‘Frances who?’ when responding to Frances’ blog: I tend to believe that if one cannot say something constructive, one should say ‘nowt’. Additionally, I do wonder if the golf club to which you belong is still one that bars women members.
      Oh, one final tip, the use of spell/verify prior to posting would have shown that Wesl probably wasn’t what you meant to type.
      Thanks for your coverage Fran, sunny side up!

      Posted by Peter | October 25, 2011, 5:16 pm
    • I for one really enjoyed the Welsh coverage – why would I want to listen to a pressentng team biased towards England talking about Wales when I could listen to Welsh pundits?

      Great work Fran and ITV Wales!

      Posted by Nina | October 27, 2011, 12:10 am
  2. I totally agree with the above comment. ITV had a superb team covering the world cup – a very proffesional front man in Steve Ryder, well supported by legends of previous winning teams. Why oh why do we in Wales have to put up with a second rate presentation team. Our Welsh rugby team were outstanding and it would have been appropriate for Welsh viewers to listen to comments from non Welsh presenters – who were all full of praise as regards to the rugby played by Wales – it would have also been interesting to listen to their views in relation to the controvesy caused by certain decisions. Could somebody in authority please take on board some of the points raised – and at the next World Cup – let Welsh viewers enjoy what English viewers are provided with ….

    Posted by Peter Williams | October 25, 2011, 10:37 pm

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