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Reviving a famous brand: Wrexham Lager returns

The Roberts family of Wrexham are putting their money and their hopes into bringing back this famous beverage-that for more than a hundred years was part of the DNA of this town.

But the Wrexham Lager brand became as victim of the world of big business and closed in the year 2000 with the brewery itself demolished a few years later.

All this despite a campaign to try and save it.

Its being revived thanks to the Roberts family-who have spent the last two years working on the plans and building a new brewery.

One man whose especially delighted is Ian Dale, head brewer at the old Wrexham lager who masterminded the creation of the revived lager-which goes on sale this weekend at the Buck House Hotel in Bangor on Dee.

The revival of the Wrexham Lager, part of a much bigger picture in Wales where small breweries have made a remarkable comeback.

Twelve years ago there were just 11 in Wales-now there are 44 producing over 280 different real ales, including this one in Brecon.

Back in the North, Wrexham lager is being re-launched this weekend- the founding of another local brewery in Wales giving the Welsh drinking public yet more choice.


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