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Barnardos warns against stereotyping children as “feral”

Children’s charity Barnardos is warning that people across the UK are “giving up on children”.

A UK poll of over 2000 adults across the UK showed that 44 per cent believed that children in this country are becoming “feral”, 40 per cent of people in Wales agreed.

34 per cent of those polled here believe that young people are “angry, violent and abusive”.

Barnardos said they were concerned by the level of negativity aimed at young people and pointed out that the majority of under 18s are well-behaved. Chief Executive Anne Marie Carrie said:

“We seem to have forgotten the fact that most children are well behaved and instead we are unquestionably accepting a stereotype of young people as criminal and revolting.

“We aren’t asking people to put up with yobbish behaviour, but we do need to change our attitudes towards troubled children.  The small minority of children who come across as angry and abusive have sadly often been scarred by their upbringing.  But it’s never too late to believe in children and change their life story – it doesn’t have to end how it began.”

Are children and teenagers being unfairly stereotyped as feral and criminal?

A full break down of the poll results are available below:

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