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“I don’t want to expand my audience. I want to refine it!” – an interview with Kristin Hersh

It’s hard to think of another band quite like Throwing Muses. Fronted by guitarist/singer Kristin Hersh, the Boston quartet released a series of brilliantly mercurial albums from 1986 onwards. The lineup went through a few changes, most notably with guitarist Tanya Donelly leaving in 1991.

Today, the Muses remain a trio, with the band’s former roadie, Bernard Georges, playing bass since 1993.

Aside from a prolific musical output, both solo and with her other band 50 Foot Wave, Hersh has recently published a children’s book, and a memoir, ‘Paradoxical Undressing‘ – touring the latter across the US and Europe as a part spoken word, part performance show. And through her involvement in CASH Music, listeners have the opportunity to directly fund Hersh’s projects, in exchange for a steady stream of music and gig tickets.

Throwing Muses have recently released a compilation of songs. But ‘Anthology’ is far from a typical ‘best of’. You won’t find many of the singles on it, for a start. The tracks are drawn from across the band’s career, but aren’t in any kind of chronological order either. For fans of the band, it’s been a welcome chance to see them tour again.

We met up with Kristin before they played at the Gate, in Cardiff.

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