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Rare orchid comes into bloom at Treborth botanic gardens

The rare orchid usually blooms in the summer

We cover them every now and again. Stories about how our strange weather has had an impact on nature.

Yesterday I was filming a rare orchid at the Bangor botanic gardens which would normally only ever bloom during the Summer, it’s now in flower.

The theory is that the orchid is very receptive to light and the fact that we have had unusual levels of sunshine for this time of year has confused it. It helps of course that the orchid is in a warm green house but it can’t just be that.

Orchids are a very widespread plant, there are more than 26,000 different types. This plant is a stanhopea from the rain forests of Central America and is very beautiful when in flower. But its only in flower for a few days every other year.

The Treborth botanic gardens are on the Menai Strait and are part of Bangor University. They are worth a visit.

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