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I won’t add to the reports of the latest spat between the Welsh Government and the Wales Office, this time over office space in London.

The BBC has a full account of the row here. The Inside Out blog has some sympathy with the Welsh Government and makes some perceptive observations here while the Freedom Central is more critical of Welsh Ministers here.

All I’ll contribute is the record of what was said at the Welsh Affairs Select Committee on Monday 5th December. At the time, the question seemed to come out of the blue. Hindsight makes it look less so.

Karen Lumley: Secretary of State for Wales, you have talked a lot about working with the Welsh Government, which is good. Do you think that they should have an office in Gwydyr House, as happened with the Scottish Parliament?

Mrs Gillan: They have an office in Gwydyr House. It is on the ground floor and it is a very nicely appointed office.

Q530 Karen Lumley: Do they use it?

Mrs Gillan: I am not aware of whether they do. They can come into the reception and go to their office without coming into any other part of the building, so I am not aware of the frequency with which they use it. It is a very nice office.

Chair: Come, come Secretary of State. You must have an idea. I know they do not have to knock on your door to get in, but surely records are kept.

Mrs Gillan: I will ask whether the office keeps a record of how often the office is used. It is a very nice office. They are of course welcome to come and use the facilities in Gwydyr House any time that they want to, provided that it does not interrupt the business of the Department. They are very welcome guests.

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