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Silk Commission – Plaid Cymru’s submission

Plaid Cymru has today published its submission to the Silk Commission.

And its main call is for the transfer of responsibility over a number of important areas in order to give the Welsh Assembly and Welsh Government “the tools to strengthen the Welsh Economy”

The Silk Commission has been receiving evidence to help it review the case for the devolution of fiscal powers to the National Assembly, including looking at a potential package of powers that  could improve its accountability.

Plaid are suggesting several core areas of change which include

INCOME TAX – Each UK income tax rate applicable in Wales should be shared between the UK and the Welsh Government, with at least half coming to the Welsh Government

VAT –  at least half the imputed VAT revenues in Wales should be transferred to the Welsh Government

Corporation Tax – All Corporation tax revenues should be transferred as should the powers to set rates

Resource taxes – Wales should have the power to create and levy new taxes on all aspects of resource exploitation, including water and renewable energy

New Taxes – The Welsh Government should have powers to introduce and levy new taxes except when special taxes are specifically reserved to Westminster

Borrowing powers – The Welsh Government to be given significant borrowing powers in order to invest in infrastructure and create more jobs

Improved Transparency – A system should be put in place which improves the transparency of public expenditure in Wales and provide a clearer picture of the taxes collected in Wales

Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones told me why he thinks it’s important for Wales to take hold of the financial reins






4 thoughts on “Silk Commission – Plaid Cymru’s submission

  1. At last, some grown up ideas, we should also have complete control of the crown estate resources.

    Posted by Glyndo | February 9, 2012, 2:02 pm
    • Thanks for your comments.
      I was summing up the main points but Plaid do agree with your view about the Crown Estates.
      The party has said in their submission to the Silk Commission that given, in the past, Wales has not fully benefitted from its energy resources ,ownership and control of the Crown Estates should be transferred to the Welsh Government

      Posted by Lynn Courtney | February 9, 2012, 2:08 pm
      • I was surprised that you left the crown estates out. This has to be one of the bigger points. Most people are aware that Westminster controls most of Wales. But they don’t realise they literally own the “best” parts too.

        It will be interesting to see how the so called Welsh Labour and Welsh Conservatives respond to this. Jonathon Edwards MP (Plaid) put a similar bill through at the end of January requesting energy generation (and the crown estates) to be devolved. 8/8 Welsh constituency Tory MPs either stayed in bed or voted no and 25/26 Welsh constituency Labour MPs either stayed in bed or voted no.

        We’re always told we are too small, too poor and even too stupid. And that’s the way they like us.

        These proposals give us the opportunity to immediately narrow the gap between what we earn and what we need to earn quite considerably. And over time it will give us the opportunity to close the gap completely.

        Britain is finished, we know it, they know it. Let’s all move on from here and instead of being one collective shambles we can be several successful countries.

        Posted by Stu | February 10, 2012, 10:32 am
      • Thanks for your comments.

        Posted by Lynn Courtney | February 10, 2012, 10:45 am

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