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Changing the political map of Wales

The Boundary Commission for Wales road show is now on its way round Wales. The idea is to explain to the public in detail, plans to change the Constituency Map of Wales. This gives voters a chance to air their own opinions about boundary changes and ask any questions they may have about the plans for the area they vote in. Yesterday the tour started at Swansea’s Liberty stadium where it also is today.  

Location Venue Date
Swansea The Liberty Stadium 15-16 February 2012
Cardiff The Millennium Stadium 22-23 February 2012
Wrexham Glyndwr University 29 February – 1 March 2012
Caernarfon Celtic Royal Hotel 7-8 March 2012
Llandrindod The Pavilion 20-21 March 2012

 The reason for this consultation is that the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011 require a reduction in the number of constituencies across the UK from 650 to 600. This means that in Wales we will see our Constituencies reduced form 40 to 30 to comply with the legislation. This will be the biggest single change to Wales since the Boundary Commission was created in 1944 and the tour will give voters a chance to look at the proposals in detail. 

Ben Whitestone is the Secretary to the Commission


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One thought on “Changing the political map of Wales

  1. Whether we have 30,40 or a 100 it wont matter we still wont have a voice in this sham of a union.

    Let’s drop it to zero and increase the powers in our Senedd.

    Posted by Stu | February 16, 2012, 1:09 pm

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