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Silk Commission: could reduce the Assembly’s powers.

The Welsh Secretary has told tonight’s Sharp End that the Commission looking at devolution in Wales could recommend that some powers be removed from the Assembly as well as that more could be transferred. As I reported on Tuesday, Cheryl Gillan launched the commission under the leadership of former Assembly official Paul Silk to look … Continue reading

The Silk Commission

So, it’s officially RIP to Calman Cymru and long live the Silk Commission. Paul Silk, who was Clerk of the National Assembly soon after it was set up, has today been unveiled as the chair of the UK Government’s Commission on Devolution in Wales. Here’s the Wales Office release announcing his appointment and the make-up … Continue reading

University education funding loop-holes?

The Welsh Government has rejected claims that it could find itself footing the bill for thousands of European students as a result of its decision to limit the fees students living in Wales have to pay. A report in the Sunday Times claimed that; ‘thousands of European students could have their fees at English universities paid by the … Continue reading

Cameron, Council Tax and Cardiff Bay

David Cameron made his thoughts clear when I interviewed him earlier: the Welsh Government ‘should’ freeze council tax. But that was his second answer. He first said, ‘I hope they will.’ And that hesitation gets to the heart of this row which is that, whatever the Prime Minister says, devolution means that it’s up to … Continue reading

Conservative Conference: Andrew RT Davies six-minute introduction

When he stands up at the Conservative conference in Manchester on Sunday, Andrew RT Davies will have to give the speech of his political career. He has just six minutes in which to introduce himself to the UK party as the new leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly and to tell those who … Continue reading

Opposition united or disunited? Sharp End preview

The last of the political conferences begins this weekend with the Conservatives gathering in Manchester. Ahead of that, I’ve been talking to Andrew RT Davies, the new leader of the Conservatives in the Assembly who’ll be making his conference début. It’s only a short speech, but what a lot he has to get into it: introducing … Continue reading

Welsh Government Draft Budget

This coming Tuesday sees the Welsh Government unveil the next phase of its programme for the rest of the Assembly term with the publication of its spending plans. Always an important event, this year’s draft budget will be watched even more intensely than usual because of the political reality in the Assembly which is that, … Continue reading

Programme of Government – the row over targets

A few thoughts on the Welsh Government’s Programme of Government which First Minister Carwyn Jones unveiled yesterday. You can watch my colleague Esyllt Carr’s report on what’s in the programme here and you can judge for yourself by reading the Programme and its supporting documents here on the Welsh Government’s website. I won’t rehearse the row over … Continue reading

Welsh Labour – “Charting the course” for a future UK government?

Welsh Labour delegates find themselves in a unique position at the party’s conference in Liverpool. The UK party as a whole is a party questioning itself, trying to work out what it did wrong before losing power in 2010 and coming up with some radical and controversial ideas about how to change in order to … Continue reading

Sharp End returns

Sharp End is back tonight after its summer break and it seems there’s as much to talk about in Welsh politics as there was before. Our main interviewee is Peter Hain. The Shadow Welsh Secretary has also been leading a controversial shake-up of his party commissioned by its leader, Ed Miliband. So with Labour about … Continue reading

Controversies, coalitions, Calman-style and Kirsty Williams speech

In her speech to the Liberal Democrat conference here in Birmingham, the main aim of Welsh party leader Kirsty Williams was to remind members that they should ‘get up off their knees’ and defend decisions by Lib Dem ministers taken in coalition government. But a good portion of her speech was also devoted to making … Continue reading

Clegg attacks Welsh Government

Here in Birmingham, the Liberal Democrats are in robust mood, defending both their decision to go into coalition with the Conservatives and decisions taken since then as well as taking a firm line with both their current allies and current opponents. It’s that approach behind a stinging attack by the party’s leader, Deputy Prime Minister … Continue reading

Local TV – the pioneers

UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s plans for local TV have sparked a lot of controversy and discussion. Mr Hunt says of his proposals that, These new, local TV services will be a fundamental change in how people get information about their own communities, and how they hold their representatives to account. There’s a huge appetite for … Continue reading

Calman Cymru – the latest

Talks on the Commission which will look at financial powers for Wales have now reached the stage of deciding what sort of people will carry out the work. This is the commission often known as Calman Cymru because it’s expected to cover similar ground to the Calman commission in Scotland. it’s expected to start work … Continue reading

Enterprise boldly goes

The Welsh Government department headed by Edwina Hart is on the move. Staff working for Business, Enterprise, Technology (BETS) are currently scattered across several sites but Ms Hart’s plan is to bring them all together into a ‘central hub’ for what is still a new department at the QED Centre on an industrial estate at … Continue reading

A question of Conservative questions

In the depths of August, here’s a curious case of misunderstanding which at first sight looks like an early sign of unease amongst Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly at their new leader Andrew RT Davies. Last week, each of the group’s members received an email with what appeared to be a league table of sorts, … Continue reading

Rail fare rises in Wales

It’s been widely reported that rail commuters can expect to see train ticket prices rise by around 8% from early next year. But for some commuters in Wales, it’s still not clear how much their fares will increase. That’s because the responsibility for deciding how much the increase will be on many services here in … Continue reading

English riots, Welsh MPs.

I’m in Westminster today where MPs have been recalled in the wake of the rioting which has hit parts of England. I’ve had a lot of quizzical looks and jokes from fellow journalists and MPs about the role of Welsh MPs in all this. After all there’s been no rioting in any of our towns … Continue reading

Plaid Cymru – a new leader by March

We knew that Ieuan Wyn Jones was going to step down from his party’s top job, now we know when. He’s set out his timetable for departure today, saying he can now do that because the review into what went wrong for Plaid in May’s election is up and running under the leadership of party … Continue reading

Assembly members salaries Part II – pay cuts for some, rises for others.

In the flurry of political activity yesterday, it was easy to miss a significant change in the way senior AMs are paid, the latest stage of a wholesale shake up of salaries and allowances. While we were all waiting for the Welsh Conservative leadership result yesterday I tweeted these: The second part of George Reid’s … Continue reading

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