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Could the Olympics encourage an increase in human trafficking?

In a few short months , the London Olympics will be upon us. Millions of extra visitors are expected to flock to the UK to witness this historic event. But while the Games will be an exciting and wonderful experience for most , there will be those whose only memories of  this event will be … Continue reading

Silk Commission – Plaid Cymru’s submission

Plaid Cymru has today published its submission to the Silk Commission. And its main call is for the transfer of responsibility over a number of important areas in order to give the Welsh Assembly and Welsh Government “the tools to strengthen the Welsh Economy” The Silk Commission has been receiving evidence to help it review … Continue reading

Swansea’s live music scene offers help to the local economy

A few days ago , a new enterprise opened on Swansea’s High Street . Located over a former furniture store, Swansea Music Art Dance is now in business. It’s an old warehouse that’s been transformed by an army of volunteers into a recording studio and rehearsal space run by director Stu Sumner Smith. It’s just … Continue reading

Cheryl Gillan practices accents at audio-books for children recording

Sometimes its very easy to see politicians as one dimensional characters. For example, Cheryl Gillan, Secretary of State for Wales, has a hugely responsible job. She deals with serious matters on a daily basis. So it was a revelation to see her today recording a children’s story for youngsters totally enjoying herself and immersed in … Continue reading

Its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll

As I am sure you will know this afternoon was a very important one for the Labour Party here in sunny Liverpool. For Ed Miliband in  his speech to Conference had to convince the Faithful that Labour is back on track to victory in the next General Election. Already, he has held himself a hostage … Continue reading

Labour Conference: Only in Liverpool

Here I am back in the City State of Liverpool, somewhat like the Vatican City, with its own rules, character, positive sense of entitlement, cheerful wit, downright eccentricity and vast energy. It is usually only for funerals and weddings that I have been back in recent years, so it’s a welcome change to return for … Continue reading

Here we go again…

Back at the Senedd this week. It’s like starting a new Autumn term at school. That unmistakable crispness in the air as an equally unmistakeable cold chill blasts through the Welsh Economy. With the financial markets reflecting worries about the Euro, there’s a feeling of worse news to come for the UK. What can be … Continue reading

Swansea Jack

Well, the first game of the season has been played and the comments you might expect have poured forth. From the Swansea Jacks, which includes me, the opinion is that the team had nothing to be upset about. After all we held Man City to a scoreless first half, with goalkeeper Michael Vorm keeping a … Continue reading

Welsh Tornado

The only tornado I have ever seen was the one in the Wizard of Oz that transported Dorothy and her little dog Toto sky high to adventures new. So I was very interested to have the chance of interviewing some fishermen who had been caught up in a tornado right here in Wales just off … Continue reading

UFOs fact or fiction?

The idea that there could be intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe is one that has gripped the human race from the dawn of time. This fascination with all things extra terrestrial has spawned a library of books both fiction and non fiction and untold miles of footage of documentaries and science fiction programmes alike … Continue reading

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke visits Cardiff Prison

UK Justice Secretary Ken Clarke found time fresh from a cabinet meeting with his colleagues today to have a look round Cardiff Prison. One of Ken’s big ideas is that prisoners should have the chance to learn skills, and earn money so that they have more of a chance of fitting back into society when … Continue reading

Theodore Huckle unveiled as new Consul General

Theodore Huckle is a wonderful name. He should be a character in a book based in mid town America. A character who might indeed crop up as the local lawyer in Murder She Wrote. But instead Theo Huckle is our new Consul General. And it was this same Theodore Huckle who was paraded in front … Continue reading

Should we stay or should we go?

If there was a tune to express the rather trying times for the Lib Dem Two, Aled Roberts and John Dixon, it might be that of the Clash: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?“ “Should I stay or should I go now Should I stay or should I go now If I go there … Continue reading

Everyone’s going Gaga for this Dinas Powys tribute artist…

Have you ever wondered what makes a performer want to become a tribute artist ? Spending your life pretending to be someone else ? Certainly the more successful performers can get a very good living out of it. But is there more to it than that? With this in mind, I went to meet Donna … Continue reading

Behind the book: Hochschild explores his drive to write To End All Wars

For the first time, the little market town of Cowbridge in the Vale has its  own Book Festival. With more than 25 authors from all sorts of genres,  it has attracted some big names. Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor, is arguably the highlight with his talk coming this Friday evening. But last night, … Continue reading

Who will win the title of Presiding Officer?

Political reporter Lynn Courtney examines the top contenders for the role of Presiding Officer, post-elections. Just as we politicos were relaxing last night after a hard day with our ears to the keyhole, I had a phone call from one of my contacts. Having left the Senedd snug in the knowledge that we more or … Continue reading

Women for Women challenge

I had a brilliant time in Porthcawl last night thanks to an invitation to spend the evening at a fundraiser for The Genesis Research Trust The charity was founded in 1985 by Professor Robert Winston with the aim of promoting science for the health of women and babies. To bring that down to how it … Continue reading

The Hokie Kokie

Ah! Anglesey! An island of beauty, beset by a bunch of councillors who enjoy nothing more than to dance the political Hokie Kokie. “ You put your left leg in , your left leg out , in out, in out shake it all about, you do the hokie kokie and you turn around that’s what … Continue reading

Women in Politics

Earlier this week the 100th International Women’s Day was celebrated across the globe. Lynn Courtney has been examining how women’s position in politics has changed in Wales as well as looking at the issues surrounding positive action and gender representation in elected posts. Should Women be treated as a special case when it comes to embarking on … Continue reading

Libyan Demo at the Senedd

I always think the best stories to work on are those that you discover through your contacts. This morning I had no idea there was to be a demo outside the Senedd, there had been no emails, no press releases, nothing. So when one of my sources told me that some 200 Libyans and their … Continue reading

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