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Expats trapped in Libya

As the brutality inflicted by Colonel Gaddafi on his own people continues what will the British Government do to rescue the expatriate workers trapped in remote camps in the Libyan Desert? Watch extracts from Col. Gaddafi’s speech at ITV.com/News This morning on Radio Four, a British oil worker was interviewed on the phone as he … Continue reading

Hywel Francis MP: our man in Aberavon

Lynn Courtney recounts the Welsh WikiLeaks story about Hywel Francis, the MP for Aberavon but with a twist There I was sat in my office in Aberavon, the rain drumming against the roof. Each drop resounding like a cannon bouncing off the deck of a ship. The only relief to the monotony was the wonderful … Continue reading

Separated at birth?

Until someone mentioned it in conversation, it hadn’t really occurred to me that our glorious First Minister bore any resemblance to Derek Brockway, the BBC’s weatherman. True there are similarities, the same grey hair, possibly near-ish in age but never having met Derek the weather I can’t say for sure how alike they actually are. … Continue reading

The Blitz Club’s 30th bash

It’s hard to imagine anyone not loving music. Whether your taste is classical, rhythm and blues, Jazz, sixties rock and roll, whatever. But it’s also true that every few years or perhaps every generation, musical creativity expresses itself in different ways. The sixties for example saw bands like the Beatles, The Animals, The Troggs and … Continue reading

A leap of faith?

Lynn Courtney reflects on the start of a new year in Welsh politics For some reason, seated at Welsh Labour’s first press briefing of the season, my thoughts turned to lemmings. Not so much the real creatures that occasionally group on a cliff then throw themselves off to an uncertain fate but to animated lemmings … Continue reading

School Report

“To have performed at a level lower than the OECD average and to have produced the lowest scores for the UK nations is a significant concern.” – NUT Wales Secretary David Evans It was only a few days ago that Leighton Andrews with a sunny smile and a genial air bestowed on us the Christmas … Continue reading

What’s on the Sharp End this week

On the train to London today and there’s something of a heavy metal vibe No not going to a gig just taking the camera kit standing by for names ,names, names! No darling not Guicci ,Versace or Chanel but Peter Hain Chris Bryant and Wayne David to name but three. Sharpend ever eager to be … Continue reading

Difficult questions

“To be or not to be , that is the question” a quote from the bard’s Hamlet. Possibly one of the most famous and clear questions in history. Tragically, the same can’t be said for our dear little referendum question. Even before some of the smartest guys in Wales, at the Electoral Commission, wracked their … Continue reading

Film Review: Mr. Nice

Mr. Nice? Lynn Courtney reviews the film about Howard Mark’s life and compares it with her own experiences of the Welsh man, described as the biggest dope smuggler in the World. The film Mr Nice opens with Howard Marks (Rhys Ifans) performing in front of an audience at one of his sell out theatrical events. … Continue reading

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