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FOR SALE BY AUCTION – One collector’s life

by Rob Shelley Spend any time with Bob Gray and you start to realise he’s got a  catchphrase: ‘Now this is an interesting thing’. In fact, he’s responsible for three hundred and forty odd (and we mean odd) lots of interesting things – all very diverse, from radios which need valves and probably still get … Continue reading

Half-term hoax: Shark fin stirs up hyrophobia

Not fear of water, but fear of some people who go near the water. You probably can’t blame the RNLI for suffering from a strange form of hydrophobia this week. Watch Rob Shelley’s report: Shark fin stirs up expensive hoax At the start of it, Rhyl’s lifeboat sped out to rescue a mum and son … Continue reading

A simple, complicated question

There are simple questions, complicated questions, and deceptively complicated questions. Among the latter, beware anyone who asks you ‘Are you happy?’ – there is no good answer. Watch Rob’s report online at ITV.com/Wales You might reckon, in an economic slump, that asking how many shops closed in Wales last year should be easy. You could … Continue reading

Silver Star: Town says farewell to coach company

Most firms would kill to get the approval ratings that Silver Star of Caernarfon do. People today stood outside their offices on the town’s square and told me how they loved to travel with them – how wherever they went in the world, they took that close knit Caernarfon atmosphere with them – how friendly … Continue reading

Wrexham’s nuclear secret

You never quite know, when you put your foot down on that firm stuff called earth, exactly what you’re treading on. Ask any one of the eight thousand or so students who make up Glyndwr University in Wrexham. Chances are they never know, as they hurry to tutorials or the coffee shop, what they’re hurrying … Continue reading

How green is your valley?

I’ve heard the future whirring on the streets of Presteigne – and it comes with a low electronic hum. For thirty years, the retired milk float that now picks up people’s rubbish and veggie peelings and packaging in quiet Radnorshire, once made its round in Glasgow – now it finds itself picking up the greenest … Continue reading

Theatr Colwyn re-opens

According to one Haiku writer, you only live twice: but not if you’re an impressive lump of red brick, portico and sandstone which stands as a landmark in the middle of Colwyn Bay you don’t. Theatr Colwyn’s just the latest name: it was once known as the Public Hall – as the old Rialto – … Continue reading

MI6 worker Gareth Williams: One year on

If you picked up a copy of a tabloid this time last year, it was the perfect page lead: the MI6 worker found dead in strange circumstances. From rural North Wales into the world of secrecy. Child prodigy: code breaker genius. Hints about his private life. Questions about just what exactly he did once the … Continue reading

Saving Wrexham FC

Yesterday morning Wrexham FC was facing the very real possibility that the club would not be allowed to start the footballing season because of financial difficulties. Yesterday evening fans had raised enough money to grant the north-Walian side a reprieve. Our reporter Rob Shelley was there throughout the day.  All through the day, as the … Continue reading

Cofiwch Drefaldwyn

There’s a famous piece of graffiti on a wall in Ceredigion that says ‘Remember Tryweryn’ The Welsh history I was taught at school didn’t wander as far as what happened when the Tryweryn Valley was flooded to provide a reservoir to serve Liverpool: But it’s a history lesson that’s been invoked often by people campaigning … Continue reading

Not one but two very strange thefts

Reporter Rob Shelley turns detective as he looks at the case of the missing RNLI lead and the small great train robbery.  Sherlock Holmes would see a pattern emerging here: last Thursday, someone was desperate enough to try and steal some lead from a very public roof. Not just any old roof: the roof that … Continue reading

Tales of a different nature

Mid-Wales reporter Rob Shelley has been out and about this week, looking at two very different sorts of tale…  War Stories They say that from the air, each city has its own individual shape. Imagine the scene: it’s wartime, you’re on a raid, and below you, you see the familiar rounded black splodge of houses, … Continue reading

Today marks the start of ‘Hayferiority’

In a small city called Hamilton, Ontario, there’s a restaurant which also acts as a theatre, with a big sign over the door saying “Restauarantainment”. You can watch Othello and eat chips at the same time. Neat idea, even neater word. So I thought that I’d use the ITV Wales blog to announce my Hayferiority … Continue reading

Opera star singles out Wales’ Air Ambulance for charity

Take one small studio, add a male and female voice choir, throw in world-famous opera star Bryn Terfel, and you have quite a special sound. Mr T was launching his charity single – Anfonaf Angel (I send an Angel) – to raise money for Wales’ Air Ambulance at the Galeri in Caernarfon. (Listen to the … Continue reading

Uncertainty still floats with unknown Coastguard plans

For the past six months, the people who police the shipping lanes, otherwise known as Holyhead Coastguard, have been working under the kind of absolute uncertainty that only people who’ve been told their jobs are going will know and understand. Their base, along with Milford Haven, was identified as one of the centres that could … Continue reading

Anyone want to buy a castle?

Only 800 years on the clock from new… Hay Castle’s had a bit of a chequered past. This year is actually the 800th anniversary of its completion – and 20 years after that, Prince Llewelyn burned it down. It’s a border skirmish thing. But there aren’t many Marcher fortresses for sale these days: it’s unlikely … Continue reading

The other cup finals

Alright: it says, very clearly in the TV schedules, that Manchester City are playing Stoke City in the cup final this Saturday. But spare a thought for the few who have their own cup finals to bear – bear being the operative word, because you never enjoy seeing the work of a season boiling down … Continue reading

Problem economics and royally elegant solutions

A Problem of Economics If you were going to build a large factory these days, you probably wouldn’t start in Presteigne. It’s a very beautiful, very small town, right on the border of Powys and Herefordshire. And seventy years ago, when Presteigne had a railway line, the government built a munitions factory there. And when … Continue reading

Pylon protests

Drive through from the borders into Mid Wales and you notice two things: the signs saying attractions are open, that the tourist season has started, are back on the pavements again. And next to them – other signs, many hand drawn or painted: what they lack in sign writing skills they gain in directness. Some … Continue reading

The most exclusive journey in Wales

Have a guess at what is the most exclusive journey in Wales….. The short trip from public life into the comfort of the VIP lounge at any airport/nightclub south of Cemmaes Bay? That upgrade to first class for nothing? A nice invite to take pre-wedding tea (I suppose it would be high tea, to be properly posh) … Continue reading

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