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Wales This Week: Food Inspectors

By Ifan Tomos Do you think food businesses should be required by law to display food hygiene ratings at their premises? Under new plans outlined by the Welsh Government businesses such as restaurants, takeaways, supermarkets, as well as schools, hospitals and residential care homes will have to display their hygiene ratings if the legislation is … Continue reading

Guest blog: Unhappy kids

By Heather Smith Heather Smith is an ex-nanny. Heather regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting blogs and websites. She also provides various information for become a nanny, to nannies and families across the USA and Canada. She can be contacted at H.smith7295 [at] gmail.com. A recent report stated that one … Continue reading

Singleton Hospital maternity unit restricted to full-term births as E.coli outbreak investigations continue

Statement from Dr. Bruce Ferguson, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board Health officials are continuing to investigate an outbreak of E.Coli ESBL E.after it was confirmed two babies in the Swansea area had died after contracting the infection. Baby Hope Evans, who was premature, died after contracting the infection in Singleton hospital. She was five-days-old. Abertawe … Continue reading

Soft consent could mean tough choices

The Welsh Government’s white paper on organ donation published today demonstrates a determination to switch Wales to a system of ‘presumed consent’, where only those who have registered an objection won’t be considered as potential organ donors when they die. The consultation is very much about how the new system should operate, not whether the … Continue reading

Charities warn of Emerging Online Drug Culture

By Beth Edwards Drug Agencies across Wales have warned that the illegal online trade of fake prescription drugs has left harm reduction agencies ‘running to catch up.’ There are around 20,000 problematic drug users in Wales, one of the biggest concerns facing drugs charities at the moment are fake valiums, known as MSJ’s. In the … Continue reading

Guest blog: I’m one of the “Hardest Hit”

By Phillip Richards Phillip Richards lives in Capel Llanilltern near Cardiff. He’s 56 and had a stroke in April 2010 as a result of a heart condition. Phillip now struggles to walk long distances and needs a walking stick. After his stroke he had to give up work, he’s joining other disabled people and their … Continue reading

Guest blog: The Rocky Road living with a diagnosis of terminal cancer

By Hywel Jones Another month draws to a close and yet another cancer awareness item is in the news. Whether breast, lymphatic, lung, or one of over 200 different types of cancer, it affects us all at some point in life, directly or indirectly. I am one of those unfortunate people to have acquired not one, … Continue reading

Wales This Week: Living with Dementia

By Greg Lewis “Seventy-five per cent of my life I can keep in a normal context. I have to confess that the 25 per cent is my bogey man… It’s the place where I don’t like to linger for long.” Those are the words of former Methodist minister Jim McWade. His bogey man is the … Continue reading

Guest Blog – It’s never too late to go to university

By Davina Jones I really can’t believe that I’ll be going to university this month. I left school 27 years ago, with not much in the way of qualifications!I didn’t even know I was dyslexic – and neither did anyone else – until I started attending college last year.  My goal is to leave university … Continue reading

Birmingham Children’s Hospital apologises for Newport teenager’s surgery paralysis

A teenager from Newport has permanent damage to her spinal cord after routine surgery to remove gallstones at a hospital in Birmingham. Sophie Tyler, 17, now relies on a wheelchair. Birmingham Children’s Hospital has apologised for the “unimaginable distress” it has caused. They say they have implemented a series of changes to try to ensure … Continue reading

E.coli outbreak

As soon as I heard, on Friday, about the E.coli outbreak in Cardiff my mind immediately went back to 2005 and the outbreak that claimed the life of five-year-old Mason Jones. Mason died after eating contaminated meat, and food appears to be the source in this latest incident. The Adonis Kebab House on the capital’s … Continue reading

Artificial lung development work brings hope to lung disease patients

We do it without even thinking, and if we didn’t we would die. I’m talking of course about breathing. It’s the most basic bodily function, but for the one in five people in Wales with lung disease, it can be difficult to do. So this week many of them have welcomed the news that there … Continue reading

Is 91-year-old Norman Lancefield the UK’s oldest scuba diver?

Could this be the UK’s oldest scuba diver? Norman Lancefield is still taking the plunge at the age of 91 and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Grandfather-of-two Norman, from the Vale of Glamorgan, is an active member of the Barry branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and still regularly dives … Continue reading

Swansea Hospital contact 150 over Hepatitis B fears after patient death

More than a hundred patients of a Swansea hospital have been told they have been put at risk of contracting Hepatitis B following the death of a patient who was found to have newly contracted the disease after surgery this year. Abertawe Bro Morgannwg health board have contacted 150 patients who had cardiothoracic surgery at … Continue reading

First Minister to outline plans to tackle smoking in cars

First Minister Carwyn Jones will today outline the Welsh Government’s plans to protect children from the effects of cigarette smoke in cars. Many medical experts argue that fumes emitted from cigarettes in the confined space of a vehicle are hazardous to youngsters. Now the Welsh Government is said to be considering legislation to make smoking … Continue reading

Welsh Blood Service concerns

Concerns have been raised this week about the Welsh Government’s review into the way the blood service – which deals with donations and transfusions – is organised in Wales. Currently, the Welsh Blood Service operates in South, Mid and West Wales – but the North is covered by the UK’s National Blood Service, from its … Continue reading

Minorities in need of organ donations left waiting in Wales

Earlier this year my friend Andy had a kidney transplant. Thankfully for him he didn’t have to undergo dialysis for long before his operation. Many people spend months or years waiting for a suitable donor organ, and for people from black and Asian ethnicities the wait is on average three times longer. Despite the number … Continue reading

Family campaigns for Wales’ own paediatric brain injury unit

The first thing you notice when you meet Kyle Beere is that he is in a wheel chair and that he has brain damage. But spend some time in his company and you will soon see his wicked sense of humour. That cheeky sense of humour had been one of his strongest characteristics. He had … Continue reading

The true value of a smile

There’s a Chinese proverb that reads: ‘A fair lady’s smile is worth more than a thousand ounces of gold’. But could a smile actually bring you riches? Researchers at Bangor University have placed an economic value on a smile, demonstrating scientifically the effect that a genuine smile can have on our decision-making. The psychologists call … Continue reading

Guest blog: New rules for DLA mean new challenges for the disabled in work

Claire Hovey writes a comic blog about pain management for thedisabledshop.com and a theatre blog for Bareknuckletheatre.com You can read Claire’s blog here or follow her on Twitter By Claire Hovey For the vast majority of us who don’t have a bank balance large enough to make George Osbourne wring his hands with Fagin-like glee, the … Continue reading

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