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WALES THIS WEEK: Forever Families

Wales This Week – Forever Families is on Tuesday February 21 at 7.30pm and looks at the process of adoption and fostering in Wales.  By Fiona Scott. The journey of making this programme has been very emotional for the whole team. It’s this reaction which really captures the essence of adoption for me – it’s not … Continue reading

Time to Remember a Forgotten Hero

He is one of Wales’ greatest explorers – but few remember his name and there is no national monument in his honour. There is a story behind why Wales may have tried to forget Edgar Evans – but it concerns a sense of misplaced shame. ITV Wales’ Wales This Week has turned the clock back … Continue reading


Wales This Week: Hacked off will transmit at 1930 on Tuesday 7th February on ITV 1 Wales. The programme tackles the issue of online data security… Blog by Alun Jones  – @alungjones As a multimedia production team we are pretty much all regularly online or ‘on-grid’ as Davina Payne, the programme’s producer likes to say. We … Continue reading

WALES THIS WEEK: How to Stay Safe Online

Online Security Tips By Alun Jones New viruses are constantly being developed in which case you should ensure that both your firewall and your anti-virus software is up to date. Some software developers include updates within the cost of their anti-virus packages in which case it may be worth considering this as a valuable investment. … Continue reading

Charities warn of Emerging Online Drug Culture

By Beth Edwards Drug Agencies across Wales have warned that the illegal online trade of fake prescription drugs has left harm reduction agencies ‘running to catch up.’ There are around 20,000 problematic drug users in Wales, one of the biggest concerns facing drugs charities at the moment are fake valiums, known as MSJ’s. In the … Continue reading

Blazing to Serbia – a new lease of life for Welsh fire engines, saving lives abroad

by Nicola Hendy Spending five days travelling 1400 miles in the cab of a fire engine may not sound like everyone’s idea of fun – but today fifty volunteers from South Wales Fire and Rescue will do just that. The ‘Blazing to Serbia’ project is taking six fire engines and other end of life equipment … Continue reading

The future of our national parks: Museums or hi-tech powerhouses?

I’ve had a very interesting interview with Dr Christopher Jones, director of business analytics at Bangor Business School ahead of tonight’s Wales This Week programme. The theme of our interview centred on national parks and what advantages they can bring to an area, their future and the challenges they face. It was detailed but overall, … Continue reading

Wales Under Fire – the holiday homes campaign 1979 -1992

By Owain Meredith 1979 was a turbulent year in Welsh politics. There was widespread discontent and strikes, and the devolution referendum had resulted in a decisive ‘No’ vote. At the end of the year a movement calling itself ‘Meibion Glyndwr’ (a reference to Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh landowner who began a rebellion against the occupying … Continue reading

Wales This Week: Tormented Days – disability hate crime in Wales

By Simon Green Over the past few weeks I’ve been on a journey across Wales, speaking to people who say they’ve been the victims of disability hate crime, people targeted in different ways due to their disability. Along the way I’ve learnt about the problems they say they’ve endured, including the often daily verbal abuse and … Continue reading

Fishlock’s Wales: Mother Courage

By Trevor Fishlock Distinguished Welsh artist Gwilym Prichard tonight describes his aunt’s amazing survival of a shipwreck near Cape Horn. Five months pregnant and hugging her little boy she endured eight stormy days in a lifeboat as men froze to death around her. “It’s a hell of a story,” said Gwilym at his studio in … Continue reading

Wales This Week: Living with Dementia

By Greg Lewis “Seventy-five per cent of my life I can keep in a normal context. I have to confess that the 25 per cent is my bogey man… It’s the place where I don’t like to linger for long.” Those are the words of former Methodist minister Jim McWade. His bogey man is the … Continue reading

Sharp End returns

Sharp End is back tonight after its summer break and it seems there’s as much to talk about in Welsh politics as there was before. Our main interviewee is Peter Hain. The Shadow Welsh Secretary has also been leading a controversial shake-up of his party commissioned by its leader, Ed Miliband. So with Labour about … Continue reading

All over until next year

The one day I’ve always dreaded at the Royal Welsh Show is the Thursday. It used to be something of an anti-climax – now it’s far from that. But I still feel a sense of disappointment and sadness that it’s all going to be over for another year. Today has been a little more sedate. … Continue reading

Champions Everywhere

With the second day of the show over and third just beginning, it seems that our cameras are bringing good luck to the competitors we’ve been following. On Monday we saw Carwyn Lewis and his dad pick up a third and a first respectively in the Welsh Black cattle classes. But that was to be … Continue reading

Wales This Week: Raising the Bar

By Alun Jones Its been a while since the idea of the ‘pubs’ programme was first mentioned by the Wales This Week team @WalesThisWeek. So long ago that I can’t honestly remember how the subject came about or even who had suggested it, but what I do remember is that  it was raised at the … Continue reading

Andrew RT Davies vs Nick Ramsay: Rod Richards gives his verdict on the contest so far

So what does the Welsh Conservatives’ first ever leader in the Assembly make of the current leadership contest? “Quiet and dull.” comes the response. According to Rod Richards, both candidates have failed to build enough of a public profile, choosing instead to concentrate on appealing to the membership, or in other words, the electorate. “Party … Continue reading

The Real Merthyr

Merthyr is often in the headlines for all the wrong reasons with journalists and politicians often pointing the finger at this  former hub of the industrial revolution for high unemployment, high crime rates and high teenage pregnancy figures.  But there’s a very different side to Merthyr Tydfil that often doesn’t get reported ITV Wales Valleys … Continue reading

The Bullseye Killer: The story of catching John Cooper

Yesterday, Wales’ most notorious serial killer was found guilty of four murders in the 1980s. John Cooper will now spend the rest of his life imprisoned. But the story behind Cooper is both haunting and fascinating. Wales This Week tells the story of The Bullseye Killer in a special one-hour programme. If you missed it … Continue reading

Plaid Cymru Launch Manifesto

There’ll be a manifesto a day this week and Plaid Cymru is the first party to unveil its pledges.  I’m not going to summarise it – you can read the full manifesto here. I’m halfway through it; we can compare notes when we’ve both finished. Just a few side notes to report. Every time Plaid … Continue reading

Wales Decides 2011: Face to Face

No Sharp End tonight or for the duration of the election campaign, but in its place is the first of four special programmes. The idea behind Wales Decides 2011: Face to Face is simple: to get to know the four party leaders who will spend the next month trying to win your vote. What motivates … Continue reading

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