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Wales This Week: Hacked off will transmit at 1930 on Tuesday 7th February on ITV 1 Wales. The programme tackles the issue of online data security… Blog by Alun Jones  – @alungjones As a multimedia production team we are pretty much all regularly online or ‘on-grid’ as Davina Payne, the programme’s producer likes to say. We … Continue reading

WALES THIS WEEK: How to Stay Safe Online

Online Security Tips By Alun Jones New viruses are constantly being developed in which case you should ensure that both your firewall and your anti-virus software is up to date. Some software developers include updates within the cost of their anti-virus packages in which case it may be worth considering this as a valuable investment. … Continue reading

A bundle of blogs in Wales

More than 100 blogs made the long list of nominees in the second Wales Blog Awards. That’s a lots of blogs. Especially if you want to read them all. Solution: A Google bundle. Here is a bundle of all the blogs nominated that use RSS — Really Simple Syndication. A few of them don’t, which means we … Continue reading

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