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Could the Olympics encourage an increase in human trafficking?

In a few short months , the London Olympics will be upon us. Millions of extra visitors are expected to flock to the UK to witness this historic event. But while the Games will be an exciting and wonderful experience for most , there will be those whose only memories of  this event will be … Continue reading

WALES THIS WEEK: Forever Families

Wales This Week – Forever Families is on Tuesday February 21 at 7.30pm and looks at the process of adoption and fostering in Wales.  By Fiona Scott. The journey of making this programme has been very emotional for the whole team. It’s this reaction which really captures the essence of adoption for me – it’s not … Continue reading

Time to Remember a Forgotten Hero

He is one of Wales’ greatest explorers – but few remember his name and there is no national monument in his honour. There is a story behind why Wales may have tried to forget Edgar Evans – but it concerns a sense of misplaced shame. ITV Wales’ Wales This Week has turned the clock back … Continue reading

WALES THIS WEEK: How to Stay Safe Online

Online Security Tips By Alun Jones New viruses are constantly being developed in which case you should ensure that both your firewall and your anti-virus software is up to date. Some software developers include updates within the cost of their anti-virus packages in which case it may be worth considering this as a valuable investment. … Continue reading

Councillors’ pay – rises for some, cuts for others.

Some top councillors here in Wales will be paid more and others will get a pay cut under new pay rules set for them by an independent panel. The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales has used new powers to tell local authorities what they must pay councillors. Previously it had only set maximum amounts. It … Continue reading

How wealthy do you feel?

The answer to the question posed at the top of this post will probably be, if you live in Wales, considerably less well off than you did three or four years ago. Some interesting figures published by the Office for National Statistics shows that here we believe that the things we own are worth more … Continue reading

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