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The first ITV Wales/YouGov Poll in 2012

Since before Christmas, Carwyn Jones has been warning about the dangers he sees in Scottish Independence. The First Minister says it would be bad for Scotland but also bad for Wales. He argues that urgent constitutional reform would be needed to protect Wales’s position. The latest YouGov poll for ITV Wales takes a look at … Continue reading

Cheryl Gillan criticises Carwyn Jones’ ‘isolationism’

The Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan has written an article for the Conservative Home website attacking what she says is the iincreasing isolationism of the First Minister. Welsh Labour has responded fiercely. I’ll quote both in full. First here’s Cheryl Gillan’s article: Cheryl Gillan MP, Secretary of State for Wales, accuses Labour in Wales of taking … Continue reading

First Ministers of Wales & Scotland write joint letter to David Cameron

Following separate letters to the Prime Minister last week setting out concerns about the effect on Wales and Scotland of David Cameron’s approach to the EU, Carwyn Jones and Alex Salmond have this afternoon sent the following letter: The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP Prime Minister 10 Downing Street London SW1A 0AA 21 December 2011 … Continue reading

Carwyn Jones’ letter to the Prime Minister

Here’s the text of the letter which First Minister Carwyn Jones has sent to David Cameron in the wake of the Prime Minister’s EU veto. He’s also called for an early meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee. I am concerned at the apparently new position of the UK in the European Union following your meeting … Continue reading

Guest blog: The effect of domestic abuse on children

Sally Hanson is a children’s services practitioner for the NSPCC’s DART (Domestic Abuse Recovering Together) programme in Prestatyn. The Welsh Government’s Christmas campaign to help raise awareness and challenge attitudes towards domestic abuse in Wales has been launched by the First Minister in Cardiff. The devastating effects of domestic abuse on adults are well documented. … Continue reading

Negotiating the Welsh Budget in public and in hindsight

At the time, the exchange in First Minister’s Questions between Carwyn Jones and Kirsty Williams less than a fortnight ago (November 15th) seemed to see the two leaders going through the usual FMQs motions. The only difference was that later that afternoon saw Labour’s draft budget defeated in a vote in the Assembly. In the … Continue reading

Welsh Budget latest: Conservatives out in the cold

The Welsh Government has ruled out doing a budget deal with the Conservatives and will from now on only talk to Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats. It’s no surprise that a Labour government would find it difficult to reach any such agreement with the Conservatives, but it’s still a significant step to rule it … Continue reading

Welsh Labour & Assembly voting system

Welsh Labour’s Executive Committee has backed a controversial call by the Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain to elect all Assembly members by first-past-the-post IF there are if to be changes to the boundaries. ‘IF’ is the crucial word because as you will see below, Welsh Labour has now set itself firmly against ANY change and … Continue reading

Welsh Budget latest / Sharp End preview

Well it seems at least one of the things I said earlier this week about the behind-the-scenes talks on the Welsh budget was wrong: the opposition parties certainly have been working together. It’s not quite a return of the rainbow coalition which almost happened after the 2007 but what I expect to happen this afternoon … Continue reading

Programme of Government – the row over targets

A few thoughts on the Welsh Government’s Programme of Government which First Minister Carwyn Jones unveiled yesterday. You can watch my colleague Esyllt Carr’s report on what’s in the programme here and you can judge for yourself by reading the Programme and its supporting documents here on the Welsh Government’s website. I won’t rehearse the row over … Continue reading

Labour Conference: Only in Liverpool

Here I am back in the City State of Liverpool, somewhat like the Vatican City, with its own rules, character, positive sense of entitlement, cheerful wit, downright eccentricity and vast energy. It is usually only for funerals and weddings that I have been back in recent years, so it’s a welcome change to return for … Continue reading

All four miners found dead in Gleision Colliery

Police confirmed tonight that all four miners died in Gleision Colliery. WATCH: Police confirm fourth miner is found Emergency services worked tirelessly to rescue the miners who were thought to be trapped after a sudden flood of water came into the mine yesterday morning. The miners were: Phillip Hill, 45, Neath Charles Bresnan, 62, Swansea … Continue reading

First Minister to outline plans to tackle smoking in cars

First Minister Carwyn Jones will today outline the Welsh Government’s plans to protect children from the effects of cigarette smoke in cars. Many medical experts argue that fumes emitted from cigarettes in the confined space of a vehicle are hazardous to youngsters. Now the Welsh Government is said to be considering legislation to make smoking … Continue reading

Welsh Blood Service concerns

Concerns have been raised this week about the Welsh Government’s review into the way the blood service – which deals with donations and transfusions – is organised in Wales. Currently, the Welsh Blood Service operates in South, Mid and West Wales – but the North is covered by the UK’s National Blood Service, from its … Continue reading

Power(s) politics in Welsh Government

The First Minister announced this afternoon which financial powers he thinks should be given to the Welsh Government over the next few years: Fair funding through reform of the Barnett formula as “a priority”. Borrowing powers “for parity with other devolved nations”. Some taxation powers including landfill tax stamp duty land tax, aggregates levy and … Continue reading

Election 2011 – Where now?

By Adrian Masters The dust is beginning to settle, the politicians are rested and refreshed and this is the week in which decisions will be taken which will have long-term consequences for Welsh politics. I expect to see some movement by the end of Monday from Carwyn Jones about how he intends to deal the … Continue reading

The People’s Choice

One answer we held back from our last YouGov poll at the start of the month is released today. It’s to coincide with tonight’s Wales Decides 2011 programme, which looks at the four Welsh party leaders. In the poll, we asked which of the four leaders in the Assembly would make the best party leader. … Continue reading

New Welsh Assembly powers will come into force in May, says First Minister Carwyn Jones

Increased legislative powers given to the Welsh Assembly following last week’s referendum will come into force following May’s election, First Minister Carwyn Jones has announced. Voters endorsed Wales being able to pass its own laws in 20 devolved fields when they went to the polls last Thursday. Mr Jones said an order to activate the … Continue reading

AMs agree on referendum to vote on more powers for Assembly Government but there’s a long way to go

Adrian Masters, Political Editor It was businesslike, if not actually downbeat, and only lasted 20 minutes. And yet today’s vote in the Assembly was one of those rare moments when politicians of all parties put aside their differences and voted unanimously. Rare enough to be described as ‘historic’ by several AMs and ‘significant’ by others. … Continue reading

Aiming the Axe

Carwyn Jones is preparing the ground for the cuts his government is bound to make following the comprehensive spending review. It will take £500,000 out of the Assembly Government’s budget next year, which he argues is more like £900,000 once inflation is taken into account. In a speech at Cardiff University this evening, the First … Continue reading

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