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Negotiating the Welsh Budget in public and in hindsight

At the time, the exchange in First Minister’s Questions between Carwyn Jones and Kirsty Williams less than a fortnight ago (November 15th) seemed to see the two leaders going through the usual FMQs motions. The only difference was that later that afternoon saw Labour’s draft budget defeated in a vote in the Assembly. In the … Continue reading

Controversies, coalitions, Calman-style and Kirsty Williams speech

In her speech to the Liberal Democrat conference here in Birmingham, the main aim of Welsh party leader Kirsty Williams was to remind members that they should ‘get up off their knees’ and defend decisions by Lib Dem ministers taken in coalition government. But a good portion of her speech was also devoted to making … Continue reading

Election 2011 – Where now?

By Adrian Masters The dust is beginning to settle, the politicians are rested and refreshed and this is the week in which decisions will be taken which will have long-term consequences for Welsh politics. I expect to see some movement by the end of Monday from Carwyn Jones about how he intends to deal the … Continue reading

Wales Decides 2011: Face to Face

No Sharp End tonight or for the duration of the election campaign, but in its place is the first of four special programmes. The idea behind Wales Decides 2011: Face to Face is simple: to get to know the four party leaders who will spend the next month trying to win your vote. What motivates … Continue reading

The People’s Choice

One answer we held back from our last YouGov poll at the start of the month is released today. It’s to coincide with tonight’s Wales Decides 2011 programme, which looks at the four Welsh party leaders. In the poll, we asked which of the four leaders in the Assembly would make the best party leader. … Continue reading

Lib Dems say schools, colleges confused by Leighton Andrews’ debate

Education Minister Leighton Andrews said on Monday that he wanted to start a debate on whether or not school sixth forms and colleges are offering too many courses leading to quantity not quality. He said, It made me raise the question, should we be looking in Wales at a narrower range of subjects? That move … Continue reading

Are Welsh Lib Dems more in tune with their party than Nick Clegg?

Following on from my previous post about where the tuition fees row leaves the Welsh Liberal Democrats in relation to their party’s leadership, it’s worth highlighting a flurry of comments and articles that may shed a little more light on what could be going on inside the party. In today’s Observer, the former director of … Continue reading

Resignation and Rebellion: is it enough to save the Welsh Liberal Democrats next May?

The decision of Jenny Willott to resign and join the other two Welsh Liberal Democrat MPs to vote against their government means that the Welsh wing of the party is pretty unified on tuition fees and at odds with the party’s UK leadership. Does that amount to a split ? The truth is, the Liberal … Continue reading

Jam Tomorrow?

The Liberal Democrats have sometimes been mocked as being too reasonable. The sort of people who go on marches chanting ‘when do want it? when circumstances allow!’. The normally feisty Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Lib Dems hasn’t often conformed to that stereotype. For example, in her speech to the party conference in Liverpool, … Continue reading

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