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Negotiating the Welsh Budget in public and in hindsight

At the time, the exchange in First Minister’s Questions between Carwyn Jones and Kirsty Williams less than a fortnight ago (November 15th) seemed to see the two leaders going through the usual FMQs motions. The only difference was that later that afternoon saw Labour’s draft budget defeated in a vote in the Assembly. In the … Continue reading

Talks Tuesday: Welsh Budget latest

I freely admit that I’m guilty of over-selling with the title of this blogpost, but I have to lure you in somehow. But it would be downright lying if I told you there was any kind of resolution to the deadlocked budget negotiations. At least that I know of. The truth is we don’t know … Continue reading

Controversies, coalitions, Calman-style and Kirsty Williams speech

In her speech to the Liberal Democrat conference here in Birmingham, the main aim of Welsh party leader Kirsty Williams was to remind members that they should ‘get up off their knees’ and defend decisions by Lib Dem ministers taken in coalition government. But a good portion of her speech was also devoted to making … Continue reading

Here we go again…

Back at the Senedd this week. It’s like starting a new Autumn term at school. That unmistakable crispness in the air as an equally unmistakeable cold chill blasts through the Welsh Economy. With the financial markets reflecting worries about the Euro, there’s a feeling of worse news to come for the UK. What can be … Continue reading

Clegg attacks Welsh Government

Here in Birmingham, the Liberal Democrats are in robust mood, defending both their decision to go into coalition with the Conservatives and decisions taken since then as well as taking a firm line with both their current allies and current opponents. It’s that approach behind a stinging attack by the party’s leader, Deputy Prime Minister … Continue reading

Guest blog: It’s gone a bit Kafka down Cardiff Bay

By Rob Williams In the good old days of democracy the person who won an election where you lived was generally the chap or lady who would go on to represent you. It was a fiendishly simple system. Whether elected directly or through a regional list, via proportional representation – the principle was generally true. … Continue reading

Lib Dem 2: The Senedd saga continues

The Assembly Standards Commissioner, Gerard Elias QC, has begun his investigation into the two disqualified Welsh Liberal Democrat AMs. His inquiry was put on hold while the police and Crown Prosecution Service conducted their own investigations. Yesterday South Wales Police said: South Wales Police has now completed an investigation into an allegation of electoral fraud … Continue reading

The Lib Dem 2: Will they stay or will they go?

Assembly members will get the chance to vote on whether or not to reinstate the two disqualified Liberal Democrat AMs on 29 June. That’s the date when two motions – one relating to Aled Roberts and one to John Dixon – have been tabled to be discussed. The date is the latest possible under the … Continue reading

A Fine Mess

UKIP MEP John Bufton may have just done Carwyn Jones a big favour. He’s complained to the police about Aled Roberts and John Dixon, the two Liberal Democrats who have been disqualified as Assembly members because they were members of quangos answerable to the Assembly at the time of their election. If the police decide … Continue reading

Welsh Liberal Democrat manifesto

Day Two of manifesto week sees the Welsh Liberal Democrats set out their election promises. You can read the manifesto, which they’ve called ‘Wales Can Do Better’,  here. It’s main theme is tackling waste: money-wasting, time-wasting and wasting of the potential of people. That’s why the very first pledge you read is to “Root out … Continue reading

Election I

The stakes are high in this election for all four of the main political parties.  To recap: For Labour, the prospect of governing Wales alone – tantalisingly within its grasp but with so many circumstances which could rob it of that cherished prize at the last minute. For Plaid Cymru, the answer to the question … Continue reading

Calman Style

There was much talk at the Welsh Liberal Democrat conference and the Conservative Spring Forum at the weekend about the ‘Calman-style process’ that the UK coalition government promised would follow a Yes vote in the powers referendum. Now that there’s been a Yes vote, leading Westminster politicians including Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Cheryl Gillan, … Continue reading

Lib Dems say schools, colleges confused by Leighton Andrews’ debate

Education Minister Leighton Andrews said on Monday that he wanted to start a debate on whether or not school sixth forms and colleges are offering too many courses leading to quantity not quality. He said, It made me raise the question, should we be looking in Wales at a narrower range of subjects? That move … Continue reading

Labour prophet of doom 2005

I’m reading the second volume of Chris Mullin’s diaries. Like the first it contains a lot of nuggets, personal and political. Like this extremely accurate prediction recorded more than five years ago on Monday 21st November 2005. Mullins is talking to ‘a Yorkshire MP’ who he quotes as saying: ‘I think we will lose the … Continue reading

Coalition conference clash

Conservative and Liberal Democrat ministers may be working together well enough in government at Westminster, but it seems that partnership doesn’t stretch to Welsh conference arrangements. Welsh Conservatives recently announced, with some pride, that the UK party is to hold its Spring Forum in Cardiff at the same time as the Welsh party’s annual conference. … Continue reading

A leap of faith?

Lynn Courtney reflects on the start of a new year in Welsh politics For some reason, seated at Welsh Labour’s first press briefing of the season, my thoughts turned to lemmings. Not so much the real creatures that occasionally group on a cliff then throw themselves off to an uncertain fate but to animated lemmings … Continue reading

Are Welsh Lib Dems more in tune with their party than Nick Clegg?

Following on from my previous post about where the tuition fees row leaves the Welsh Liberal Democrats in relation to their party’s leadership, it’s worth highlighting a flurry of comments and articles that may shed a little more light on what could be going on inside the party. In today’s Observer, the former director of … Continue reading

Resignation and Rebellion: is it enough to save the Welsh Liberal Democrats next May?

The decision of Jenny Willott to resign and join the other two Welsh Liberal Democrat MPs to vote against their government means that the Welsh wing of the party is pretty unified on tuition fees and at odds with the party’s UK leadership. Does that amount to a split ? The truth is, the Liberal … Continue reading

Barnett’s Fair – for the foreseeable future

At Welsh Labour’s special policy conference which was held at the weekend, the party launched its own Yes campaign for next year’s powers referendum. One of the main messages used to win over doubters within Labour was that the UK government would only look at reforming the way Wales is funded – the notorious Barnett … Continue reading

I’m a Celebrity star Lembit Opik doesn’t get Welsh Liberal Deomcrats leader Kirsty Williams’ vote

There was some light relief for political journalists in the regular Tuesday briefings in the Assembly. The leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams, was asked if she was supporting a previous Welsh party leader, Lembit Opik. The former MP for Montgomeryshire is currently in the Australian jungle taking part in the ITV programme, … Continue reading

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