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Soft consent could mean tough choices

The Welsh Government’s white paper on organ donation published today demonstrates a determination to switch Wales to a system of ‘presumed consent’, where only those who have registered an objection won’t be considered as potential organ donors when they die. The consultation is very much about how the new system should operate, not whether the … Continue reading

Minorities in need of organ donations left waiting in Wales

Earlier this year my friend Andy had a kidney transplant. Thankfully for him he didn’t have to undergo dialysis for long before his operation. Many people spend months or years waiting for a suitable donor organ, and for people from black and Asian ethnicities the wait is on average three times longer. Despite the number … Continue reading

Edwina Hart withdraws bid for organ donation presumed consent LCO

Health Minister Edwina Hart has today started the process of withdrawing the assembly’s request for a legislative competence order  (LCO) to bring in a system of presumed consent for organ donation in Wales. Speaking today she said she was disappointed that she had not been able to secure the powers within the lifetime of the … Continue reading

New laws on organ donation to be debated in House of Lords

Proposals to change the law on organ donation in Wales are to be debated in the House of Lords. Lord Dafydd Wigley said he plans to raise the issue in the UK Parliament’s second chamber – and is calling on Westminster to clarify its attitude on the matter. The announcement comes following the Welsh Assembly … Continue reading

Organ donation powers bid row escalates

By Political Editor Adrian Masters The row over the Assembly Government’s bid for powers over organ donation has taken another twist today. Following what happened yesterday, the Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillan, was interviewed about the row at length on Radio Wales this morning. During that interview, Ms Gillan, was asked about her own … Continue reading

Sharp End returns

By Adrian Masters Sharp End is back after its Christmas break to cast its beady eye over Welsh politics once again. It’s raining outside in Cardiff Bay so we’re all very glad to be warm and dry inside our Assembly office. What do we have for you tonight? Well the political year has begun with … Continue reading

War of words over organ donation powers bid

By Adrian Masters I haven’t heard such angry words exchanged between the governments in London and Cardiff, although I’m sure they use much stronger language in private. The words used in Cardiff Bay: ‘Disrespect’, ‘lack of courtesy’, ‘they’re trying to stop Wales discussing this.’ The words from Westminster: ‘Utter rubbish’, ‘reprehensible’, ‘playing politics.’ Let me … Continue reading

Wales This Week report: Should Wales adopt opt-out organ donor system?

From ITV.Wales.com Wales This Week report: Wales is set to become the first part of the United Kingdom to adopt an opt-out donation scheme. But will it work? And will it be enough to reduce transplant waiting times? Currently every 11 days a person dies in Wales while waiting for an organ to become available … Continue reading

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