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Welsh Labour & Assembly voting system

Welsh Labour’s Executive Committee has backed a controversial call by the Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain to elect all Assembly members by first-past-the-post IF there are if to be changes to the boundaries. ‘IF’ is the crucial word because as you will see below, Welsh Labour has now set itself firmly against ANY change and … Continue reading

Labour Conference: Only in Liverpool

Here I am back in the City State of Liverpool, somewhat like the Vatican City, with its own rules, character, positive sense of entitlement, cheerful wit, downright eccentricity and vast energy. It is usually only for funerals and weddings that I have been back in recent years, so it’s a welcome change to return for … Continue reading

All four miners found dead in Gleision Colliery

Police confirmed tonight that all four miners died in Gleision Colliery. WATCH: Police confirm fourth miner is found Emergency services worked tirelessly to rescue the miners who were thought to be trapped after a sudden flood of water came into the mine yesterday morning. The miners were: Phillip Hill, 45, Neath Charles Bresnan, 62, Swansea … Continue reading

Mick Antoniw’s Warning Shot

A reasonable test for a properly functioning democracy might be whether its electoral system and political parties are capable both of delivering a government with a working majority and of creating the possibility of different parties forming that government. The belief by many in the Labour party that they should only form a coalition if … Continue reading

New Welsh Assembly powers will come into force in May, says First Minister Carwyn Jones

Increased legislative powers given to the Welsh Assembly following last week’s referendum will come into force following May’s election, First Minister Carwyn Jones has announced. Voters endorsed Wales being able to pass its own laws in 20 devolved fields when they went to the polls last Thursday. Mr Jones said an order to activate the … Continue reading

Welsh Questions 8th December 2010

Women in Wales will be hit harder by the UK Government’s planned public spending cuts than men, according to the Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain. During Welsh Questions in the Commons, he made that point and asked the Welsh Secretary “as the first woman Secretary of State” if she was proud of the Westminster coalition’s … Continue reading

A Grand Day Out

Political Editor Adrian Masters has been in Westminster as the Welsh Grand Committee debates how much the UK Goverment will invest in Welsh projects MPs arriving at this morning’s meeting of the Welsh Grand committee were met with a frosty reception – from the room itself. In fact it was so cold that one of … Continue reading

Yes we can now: Hain changes his mind on referendum chances

Peter Hain has changed his mind about the chances of a Yes vote succeeding in next year’s referendum on strengthening the powers of the Assembly. You may remember that, when he was Welsh Secretary, Mr Hain repeatedly expressed his doubts about holding a referendum because it wasn’t “winnable.” In this speech just over a year ago … Continue reading

A Fight with No Footsoldiers

Carwyn Jones and Peter Hain made three speeches each in Manchester yesterday about the task Welsh Labour faces in 2011. They first spoke to a business meeting of Welsh delegates at the Labour party conference, then to the conference itself and finally to the annual Welsh night reception, a heady mix of music, alcohol and … Continue reading

Cheque, minister?

History repeats itself ‘the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce’ or so Marx taught us. Thirty years ago alleged Conservative insensitivity to the Welsh language was blamed for a near-tragedy when political unrest loomed over whether to set up S4C. Now it’s being blamed for an apparently farcical attempt to persuade S4C … Continue reading

Friends and Influence

Nowadays most politicians love to be able to claim friendship with Nelson Mandela, even some who once sported “Hang Mandela” badges in their student days. But few have as good a claim as Peter Hain. The shadow Welsh Secretary began his political career in Britain campaigning against rugby and cricket tours from apartheid South Africa, … Continue reading

Anger over proposals to cut number of Welsh MPs

from ITV.com/Wales Senior Labour figures have reacted angrily to UK government plans that could reduce the number of MPs in Wales. The Voting System and Constituencies bill, which provides for a referendum to be held on May 5 2011 on whether to change the voting system for parliamentary elections, also seeks to reduce the number … Continue reading

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