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Silk Commission – Plaid Cymru’s submission

Plaid Cymru has today published its submission to the Silk Commission. And its main call is for the transfer of responsibility over a number of important areas in order to give the Welsh Assembly and Welsh Government “the tools to strengthen the Welsh Economy” The Silk Commission has been receiving evidence to help it review … Continue reading

Simon Thomas quits Plaid leadership race

Simon Thomas has pulled out of the contest to become the next leader of Plaid Cymru. He’s conceded that as someone who has been in the Assembly for less than a year he had “a lot of ground to cover and make up.” His previous experience as an MP was of course double-edged, given that … Continue reading

Talks Tuesday: Welsh Budget latest

I freely admit that I’m guilty of over-selling with the title of this blogpost, but I have to lure you in somehow. But it would be downright lying if I told you there was any kind of resolution to the deadlocked budget negotiations. At least that I know of. The truth is we don’t know … Continue reading

Welsh Government Budget talks

Behind the scenes in the Assembly, party leaders have been meeting to try to reach agreement on the Welsh Government’s spending plans. The reason why these meetings have been happening is because Carwyn Jones’ Labour Government doesn’t have a majority of votes in the Senedd; in fact the number of seats is equally divided between … Continue reading

Guest blog: ‘Wales must make greatest possible use of the wealth from our resources’

We’re running guest blogs from the four main political parties in Wales, on the subject of environment and development in the country. Simon Thomas, Plaid Cymru AM for Mid and West Wales, calls for a national ‘wealth fund’ to be set up. By Simon Thomas AM A crucial question for the future of Wales is … Continue reading

Here we go again…

Back at the Senedd this week. It’s like starting a new Autumn term at school. That unmistakable crispness in the air as an equally unmistakeable cold chill blasts through the Welsh Economy. With the financial markets reflecting worries about the Euro, there’s a feeling of worse news to come for the UK. What can be … Continue reading

Plaid Cymru’s leader: On thin ice

Four years ago, Ieuan Wyn Jones arrived at the Plaid Cymru conference to cheers from a crowd of supporters outside Venue Cymru in Llandudno. He had led them into coalition government with Labour. Yesterday, the party gathered at the same location, where the only arrival to provoke any excitement was Jason Gardiner, the most acerbic … Continue reading

Plaid Cymru – a new leader by March

We knew that Ieuan Wyn Jones was going to step down from his party’s top job, now we know when. He’s set out his timetable for departure today, saying he can now do that because the review into what went wrong for Plaid in May’s election is up and running under the leadership of party … Continue reading

Power(s) politics in Welsh Government

The First Minister announced this afternoon which financial powers he thinks should be given to the Welsh Government over the next few years: Fair funding through reform of the Barnett formula as “a priority”. Borrowing powers “for parity with other devolved nations”. Some taxation powers including landfill tax stamp duty land tax, aggregates levy and … Continue reading

Plaid Cymru: leadership… and Labour

Plaid Cymru has today set out some of what it wants from Carwyn Jones if he wants the party’s support in avoiding stalemate in the Assembly. AMs Elin Jones and Simon Thomas said Plaid wants the First Minister to publish a programme of government for the entire five-year term; an early indication of his likely … Continue reading

Ieuan Wyn Jones

All political careers are said to end in failure and Ieuan Wyn Jones is hardly going out on a high note. But he has surely secured his place in Welsh political history as the man who finally took Plaid Cymru into government and who played a crucial role in securing the referendum –and a ‘yes’ … Continue reading

Ieuan Wyn Jones steps down as Plaid Cymru leader

Ieuan Wyn Jones has announced his intention to step down as leader of Plaid Cymru. The former deputy first minister said he would step down as leader of the party sometime during the first half of the new assembly term. The news comes after disappointing election results which saw Plaid Cymru slip behind the Conservatives … Continue reading

Election 2011 – Where now?

By Adrian Masters The dust is beginning to settle, the politicians are rested and refreshed and this is the week in which decisions will be taken which will have long-term consequences for Welsh politics. I expect to see some movement by the end of Monday from Carwyn Jones about how he intends to deal the … Continue reading

Assembly election results

Wales has voted – here are the details of how many votes each candidate has received. Constituencies are listed alphabetically. Assembly Election Seats: CON – 14; LAB – 30; LIB DEM – 5; PLAID – 11 ABERAVON LAB HOLD CON, TJ Morgan – 2,704; LAB, David Felix Rees – 12,104; LIB DEM, Helen Ceri Clarke … Continue reading

Guest blog: Nerys Evans of Plaid Cymru

We will be running guest blogs from the four political parties over the next few days in the run-up to the Assembly Elections. We continue with Nerys Evans of Plaid Cymru, who writes about Plaid’s plans for the education system. By Nerys Evans Over the past few weeks, Plaid Cymru has launched a series of … Continue reading

Guest blog: Helen Mary Jones of Plaid Cymru

We will be running guest blogs from the four political parties over the next few days in the run-up to the Assembly Elections. We begin with Helen Mary Jones of Plaid Cymru, who writes about Plaid’s cancer strategy. By Helen Mary Jones The scale of the health challenge we face as a nation is clear. … Continue reading

Sir John Cadogan criticises parties over university funding gap

By Adrian Masters As political interventions go, this is one of the most intellectual: one of the UK’s leading scientists, backed by 60 other senior academics criticising all four political parties. What worries  Sir John Cadogan is that he says none of the parties in this election campaign is addressing concerns about the funding gap … Continue reading

ITV Wales to broadcast Welsh party leaders debate

A televised debate between the four Welsh party leaders is being shown by ITV Wales on Tuesday 26 April as part of our Wales Decides 2011 Assembly General Election coverage. And, on the afternoon of Friday May 6 as the final counts come in, ITV Wales will be showing a live election results programme fronted … Continue reading

The Passenger

From partner to passenger. That’s what Plaid leader Ieuan Wyn Jones became in the words of Welsh Labour spokespeople today. Mr Jones has been Economic Development minister as well as Deputy First Minister for the last four years of coalition government in Cardiff Bay. And when asked to list his achievements, he frequently points to the … Continue reading

Plaid Cymru Launch Manifesto

There’ll be a manifesto a day this week and Plaid Cymru is the first party to unveil its pledges.  I’m not going to summarise it – you can read the full manifesto here. I’m halfway through it; we can compare notes when we’ve both finished. Just a few side notes to report. Every time Plaid … Continue reading

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