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Smacking children: For or against?

Yesterday Assembly members voted in favour of a motion calling for the smacking of children to be banned. It would make the Welsh Government the first in the UK to change the law regarding smacking. But the minister responsible for children in Wales, Gwenda Thomas, said no legislation will come into force until at least … Continue reading

Here we go again…

Back at the Senedd this week. It’s like starting a new Autumn term at school. That unmistakable crispness in the air as an equally unmistakeable cold chill blasts through the Welsh Economy. With the financial markets reflecting worries about the Euro, there’s a feeling of worse news to come for the UK. What can be … Continue reading

Mick Antoniw’s Warning Shot

A reasonable test for a properly functioning democracy might be whether its electoral system and political parties are capable both of delivering a government with a working majority and of creating the possibility of different parties forming that government. The belief by many in the Labour party that they should only form a coalition if … Continue reading

AMs vote to reinstate Aled Roberts

AMs have just voted (at 3.40pm) to reinstate aled Roberts. There were 30 votes for, 20 against and three abstensions. There were four AMs not present, the Presiding Officer and her deputy do not vote and of course until that moment there was one vacancy.

Decision Time for the Lib Dem Two

Assembly Members have been given the legal advice on which they are supposed to base their decision tomorrow on whether to reinstate the two disqualified Liberal Democrat AMs, Aled Roberts and John Dixon. In brief summary, the two reports confirm that Aled Roberts checked the rules but he was misled because he looked at the … Continue reading

Yes, Education Minister

‘Yes Prime Minister‘ is playing at the Wales Millennium Centre all this week, right next door to the Senedd. It’s based on the long-running television series in which the Minister (later Prime Minister) Jim Hacker would come up with an idea; his civil servants would then try to turn it into something workable, sparing the … Continue reading

Lib Dem 2: The Senedd saga continues

The Assembly Standards Commissioner, Gerard Elias QC, has begun his investigation into the two disqualified Welsh Liberal Democrat AMs. His inquiry was put on hold while the police and Crown Prosecution Service conducted their own investigations. Yesterday South Wales Police said: South Wales Police has now completed an investigation into an allegation of electoral fraud … Continue reading

Welsh local government: Fighting on all fronts

The war of words between the Welsh Government and UK ministers over windfarms, taxes and how much money Wales gets from the Treasury may yet look like a polite disagreement compared with the way the Local Government Minister, Carl Sargeant is upping the ante with the councils. Earlier this year, he took powers to reduce … Continue reading

Should we stay or should we go?

If there was a tune to express the rather trying times for the Lib Dem Two, Aled Roberts and John Dixon, it might be that of the Clash: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?“ “Should I stay or should I go now Should I stay or should I go now If I go there … Continue reading

The Lib Dem 2: Will they stay or will they go?

Assembly members will get the chance to vote on whether or not to reinstate the two disqualified Liberal Democrat AMs on 29 June. That’s the date when two motions – one relating to Aled Roberts and one to John Dixon – have been tabled to be discussed. The date is the latest possible under the … Continue reading

Queen opens Senedd with Royal approval for legislature

Although he was barely visible at today’s Royal opening of the fourth National Assembly, the former Presiding Officer, Dafydd Elis Thomas must have felt a glow of pride at today’s ceremony. He’s always attached great importance to winning Royal approval for devolution, which has not always been apparent. At the first opening in 1999, the … Continue reading

Guest blog: Siân Lloyd — Wind farms in Wales would be ‘vandalism’

Siân Lloyd is a weather presenter and campaigner against the plan to erect wind farms in Mid Wales. She joined more than 1,000 others on the Senedd steps to protest on Tuesday. Now, she writes an exclusive guest blog arguing why wind power isn’t right for a green Wales. By Siân Lloyd I’ve been banging … Continue reading

Guest blog: Mental health – using video to campaign for a cause

Kira Withers-Jones is a designer from Pontypridd who also has a history of mental ill health. As a volunteer for the mental health charity Gofal, Kira blogs about her experience in creating a video to educate newly elected Assembly Members on the issues facing people like her.  By Kira Withers-Jones I was really pleased when … Continue reading

Protesting against pylons: Mid Wales marches into Cardiff Bay

This morning at 11am, hundreds of People Against Pylons from Mid Wales will march in Cardiff Bay. The protest culminates on the sixth day of a trek that will take a few core protesters more than 100 miles from Welshpool to the steps of the Senedd with thousands more. But why are these people against … Continue reading

Alleged electoral fraud investigation

Police have confirmed that they have launched an investigation into alleged electoral fraud following a complaint made to North Wales and South Wales police forces regarding the election of Liberal Democrat AMs John Dixon and Aled Roberts. The pair were technically not eligible to stand for election because of their membership of two separate quangos … Continue reading

Ieuan Wyn Jones steps down as Plaid Cymru leader

Ieuan Wyn Jones has announced his intention to step down as leader of Plaid Cymru. The former deputy first minister said he would step down as leader of the party sometime during the first half of the new assembly term. The news comes after disappointing election results which saw Plaid Cymru slip behind the Conservatives … Continue reading

Carwyn Jones unveils new cabinet

Cabinet details are as follows: Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AC/AM Prif Weinidog Cymru/First Minister of Wales Delivery Unit, Energy, Wales for Africa, Intergovernmental relations, Wales in the World, European Union, Civil Service Reform Edwina Hart  AC/AM OStJ MBE Minister for Business, Enterprise and Technology Lesley Griffiths AC/AM Minister for Health and Social Services Jane Hutt … Continue reading

Who will win the title of Presiding Officer?

Political reporter Lynn Courtney examines the top contenders for the role of Presiding Officer, post-elections. Just as we politicos were relaxing last night after a hard day with our ears to the keyhole, I had a phone call from one of my contacts. Having left the Senedd snug in the knowledge that we more or … Continue reading

Election 2011 – Where now?

By Adrian Masters The dust is beginning to settle, the politicians are rested and refreshed and this is the week in which decisions will be taken which will have long-term consequences for Welsh politics. I expect to see some movement by the end of Monday from Carwyn Jones about how he intends to deal the … Continue reading

Assembly election results

Wales has voted – here are the details of how many votes each candidate has received. Constituencies are listed alphabetically. Assembly Election Seats: CON – 14; LAB – 30; LIB DEM – 5; PLAID – 11 ABERAVON LAB HOLD CON, TJ Morgan – 2,704; LAB, David Felix Rees – 12,104; LIB DEM, Helen Ceri Clarke … Continue reading

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