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Swansea’s live music scene offers help to the local economy

A few days ago , a new enterprise opened on Swansea’s High Street . Located over a former furniture store, Swansea Music Art Dance is now in business. It’s an old warehouse that’s been transformed by an army of volunteers into a recording studio and rehearsal space run by director Stu Sumner Smith. It’s just … Continue reading

Welsh budget talks update

Just  a few points to update you with so far today. The Welsh Government met Plaid Cymru last night (Wednesday) following a similar meeting with the Liberal Democrats on Tuesday. There’s no official word on how the meeting went. A Welsh Government source would only say, We are not providing a running commentary on these … Continue reading

Welsh Budget latest / Sharp End preview

Well it seems at least one of the things I said earlier this week about the behind-the-scenes talks on the Welsh budget was wrong: the opposition parties certainly have been working together. It’s not quite a return of the rainbow coalition which almost happened after the 2007 but what I expect to happen this afternoon … Continue reading

Silk Commission: could reduce the Assembly’s powers.

The Welsh Secretary has told tonight’s Sharp End that the Commission looking at devolution in Wales could recommend that some powers be removed from the Assembly as well as that more could be transferred. As I reported on Tuesday, Cheryl Gillan launched the commission under the leadership of former Assembly official Paul Silk to look … Continue reading

Opposition united or disunited? Sharp End preview

The last of the political conferences begins this weekend with the Conservatives gathering in Manchester. Ahead of that, I’ve been talking to Andrew RT Davies, the new leader of the Conservatives in the Assembly who’ll be making his conference début. It’s only a short speech, but what a lot he has to get into it: introducing … Continue reading

Here we go again…

Back at the Senedd this week. It’s like starting a new Autumn term at school. That unmistakable crispness in the air as an equally unmistakeable cold chill blasts through the Welsh Economy. With the financial markets reflecting worries about the Euro, there’s a feeling of worse news to come for the UK. What can be … Continue reading

Andrew RT Davies vs Nick Ramsay: Rod Richards gives his verdict on the contest so far

So what does the Welsh Conservatives’ first ever leader in the Assembly make of the current leadership contest? “Quiet and dull.” comes the response. According to Rod Richards, both candidates have failed to build enough of a public profile, choosing instead to concentrate on appealing to the membership, or in other words, the electorate. “Party … Continue reading

Wales Decides 2011: Face to Face

No Sharp End tonight or for the duration of the election campaign, but in its place is the first of four special programmes. The idea behind Wales Decides 2011: Face to Face is simple: to get to know the four party leaders who will spend the next month trying to win your vote. What motivates … Continue reading

Sharp End 24th March

Tonight’s Sharp End is the last one until after May’s Assembly Election. Next week we start a series of in-depth interviews with the party leaders called Wales Decides 2011: Face to Face.  First up is Kirsty Williams, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. In subsequent weeks, she’ll be followed by the Conservatives’ Nick Bourne, … Continue reading

Sharp End 17/03/11

For tonight’s Sharp End, I’ve interviewed the Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain about Labour’s Assembly election hopes. First though I wanted to know about his relationship with the First Minister, Carwyn Jones. You may remember from last week the behind-the-scenes row over Mr Hain’s criticism of the Deputy First Minister, Plaid Cymru’s Ieuan Wyn Jones. … Continue reading

Sharp End

Sharp End is back tonight at 1035pm ITV1 Wales and there’s more than enough to talk about. Now that the referendum campaign is over, fragile cross-party consensus in Welsh politics is beginning to break down. Senior Labour figures are attacking the Plaid Cymru ministers who share government with fellow Labour politicians in Cardiff Bay and … Continue reading

Welsh referendum: Yes or No?

There’s just a week to go until we vote in the referendum on changing the way the Assembly makes its laws. If you still haven’t decided whether or not to vote Yes or No, perhaps tonight’s Sharp End will help. In a special debate, two of the most prominent campaigners on both sides go head … Continue reading

Sharp End: students’ referendum debate

With just two weeks to go until we vote in the Assembly powers referendum, I thought I’d heard pretty much all the views on both sides of the debate. Until today. I’ve been chairing a debate in the old Assembly chamber for A-level politics students from across Wales and what a range of strong opinions … Continue reading

Sharp End, Referendums and Devolution

As we count down to next month’s referendum on changing the Assembly’s powers, we wanted to get a bit of context about the powers that Cardiff Bay already has and how they might change if there’s a yes vote on March 3rd. Of course, Wales isn’t the only devolved part of the UK. So I’ve … Continue reading

A Month in a Country

If you hand’t realised that there’s just a month to go until the referendum on strengthening the Assembly’s powers, then by the end of today you will. On March 3rd we will all be asked, Do you want the Assembly now to be able to make laws on allmatters in the 20 subject areas it has … Continue reading

Sharp End

It’s Thursday so it must be Sharp End.  A lot of tonight’s programme will be dedicated – just as a lot of the last political week has been – to education.  Three sets of statistics in a row have put what’s happening in our schools firmly in the spotlight in terms of individual performance, international … Continue reading

Sharp End and politics round-up

It’s a Sharp End day today so a lot of my time and attention is being taken up with that, but there are a couple of strands to pick up on briefly. Electrification of the London to Swansea rail line. * The Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones has been at Swansea railway station today … Continue reading

Sharp End returns

By Adrian Masters Sharp End is back after its Christmas break to cast its beady eye over Welsh politics once again. It’s raining outside in Cardiff Bay so we’re all very glad to be warm and dry inside our Assembly office. What do we have for you tonight? Well the political year has begun with … Continue reading

Sharp End

It’s the last Sharp End of the year tonight and we have plenty to talk about after another busy week in Welsh politics. At the beginning of the week, the Conservative Shadow Health minister, Andrew RT Davies, surprised everyone in Cardiff Bay by quitting his front bench job. His move sparked a whirl of speculation … Continue reading

Budget and Blaenau Gwent at the Sharp End

Adrian Masters, Political Editor The dust is beginning to settle on yesterday’s draft budget from the assembly government, but a lot of that dust is still obscuring the details of spending cuts. In tonight’s Sharp End, we’ll try to sweep up some of that dust for you. I’ll be interviewing the First Minister Carwyn Jones … Continue reading

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