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WALES THIS WEEK: Forever Families

Wales This Week – Forever Families is on Tuesday February 21 at 7.30pm and looks at the process of adoption and fostering in Wales.  By Fiona Scott. The journey of making this programme has been very emotional for the whole team. It’s this reaction which really captures the essence of adoption for me – it’s not … Continue reading

Silk Commission – Plaid Cymru’s submission

Plaid Cymru has today published its submission to the Silk Commission. And its main call is for the transfer of responsibility over a number of important areas in order to give the Welsh Assembly and Welsh Government “the tools to strengthen the Welsh Economy” The Silk Commission has been receiving evidence to help it review … Continue reading

Councillors’ pay – rises for some, cuts for others.

Some top councillors here in Wales will be paid more and others will get a pay cut under new pay rules set for them by an independent panel. The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales has used new powers to tell local authorities what they must pay councillors. Previously it had only set maximum amounts. It … Continue reading

How wealthy do you feel?

The answer to the question posed at the top of this post will probably be, if you live in Wales, considerably less well off than you did three or four years ago. Some interesting figures published by the Office for National Statistics shows that here we believe that the things we own are worth more … Continue reading

‘Wales This Week’ looks at the state of the Welsh housing market

by Greg Lewis Kick-starting the housing market has been put at the centre of the UK Government’s agenda for turning round the economy. In the last few weeks new plans have been unveiled to extend council house tenants right to buy and to help first-time buyers. ITV Wales’ award-winning current affairs programme ‘Wales This Week’ … Continue reading

Olympic goodwill

The organisers of the London 2012 Olympic Games are hoping that today’s announcement of the torch relay route will finally persuade all parts of the United Kingdom that the games don’t just belong to their host city. It seems to be doing the trick. The torch will visit all 22 council areas in Wales and … Continue reading

Guest blog: Are Wales best footballers any less Welsh for wanting to compete on Team GB?

By Tzevai Chong With London 2012 less than a year away, public interest has been increasing regarding the make up of the Team GB football squad. Current England Under-21 manager Stuart Pearce has been confirmed as the head coach for the tournament but the four home nation Football Associations have failed to reach any agreement … Continue reading

Roll on the 2015 Rugby World Cup…

Not that I’m wishing my time away but I’ve calculated that it’s around  1450 days until the next Rugby World Cup, back here in the Northern Hemisphere, in 2015. I think the fact that a lot of us are talking about that already is a mark of how great the tournament just gone has been. … Continue reading

Guest blog: ‘Wales must make greatest possible use of the wealth from our resources’

We’re running guest blogs from the four main political parties in Wales, on the subject of environment and development in the country. Simon Thomas, Plaid Cymru AM for Mid and West Wales, calls for a national ‘wealth fund’ to be set up. By Simon Thomas AM A crucial question for the future of Wales is … Continue reading

Guest blog – Housing and poverty… the challenge for Wales

by Michael Trickey As the financial squeeze bites and the threat of a double dip recession looms, two new JRF publications illustrate the scale of the challenge faced by policy-makers and politicians in Wales. The Institute of Fiscal Studies report warns of a significant increase in child poverty and decline in real median household incomes across … Continue reading

Guest blog: It may just be third place on offer, but Wales still have a lot to play for

by Tzevai Chong It’s been a sober and solemn few days since the disappointment of Wales’ agonising semi-final defeat to France. I’ll have to admit the red mist of anger lingered for most of the weekend but the result won’t change. And we’ve still got one more game to go –  the third place play-off. Many people … Continue reading

Wales deserve a warm welcome when they return home

You can follow Frances on Twitter – @FranDonovanTV Mike, Mark, Gareth and I are still smarting from that result on Saturday, like most of the rest of you, I suspect. I think what rankles the most is that the best team on the pitch didn’t ultimately run out winners. Wales played the better rugby and … Continue reading

Before the Wales/France match, a final word…

Frances Donovan presents the coverage of the match on ITV1 Wales from 8.30am on Saturday morning. Also, you can follow her on Twitter – @FranDonovanTV So, here we are, just a match away from a World Cup Final. Part of me wants to say I can’t quite believe it and it feels a bit like … Continue reading

Guest blog: Hopes and predictions ahead of Wales v France

By Tzevai Chong In 1987 four teams made the semi-finals of the inaugural Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. The home nation faced (and beat) Wales, while France overcame Australia to make it through to the final. The All Blacks went on to win the tournament while Wales beat Australia to finish third. Roll forward 24 years … Continue reading

Photo fortnight

It’s the return of Photo Fortnight.     Once again, we’ve had a great response from all around Wales, with some beautiful snaps posted on our Flickr page. Here are some of our favourites. To share your images, upload them to Flickr and post them in the ITV Wales Your Pictures group. If you want them to appear … Continue reading

Guest blog: In the end, rugby was the winner on the night

By Analiese Jackson If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the course of the Rugby World Cup, it’s that New Zealanders have the endearing habit of supporting whoever is considered the under-dog going into a match…so long as we’re positive they’re absolutely no threat to our national team. Sitting in a bar in Courtney … Continue reading

Guest Blog: Passion and pride for a nation in mourning

By Owen Hathway  Sport often has the ability to transcend its own boundaries.  Historically this has been for political statements such as the boycotted Olympics of Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984 or the Black Power salute of Tommie Smith and John Carlos in Mexico ‘68. More examples have been the individual courage of an athlete such as … Continue reading


In less than 24 hours time, rugby clubs across Wales will be opening their doors with the smell of bacon and beer, as fans prepare to watch Warren Gatland’s men take on the mighty Springboks. But while tomorrow’s focus will be on South Africa, this year’s Rugby World Cup tournament is, of course, being played … Continue reading

Hannah’s Haka

It’s been described as the biggest spectacle in rugby, and over the next few weeks, it’ll be performed right across the world. It’s scary, it’s sensational, it’s sexy…it’s THE HAKA! And during the Rugby World Cup 2011, I’ll be asking for YOUR versions of this famous New Zealand ritual. I begin my tour of Welsh … Continue reading

Guest blog: New Zealand gears up for Rugby World Cup

By Analiese Jackson Exactly 20 days after I was born, New Zealand’s Rugby Union team won the first ever Rugby World Cup. Which is not to say that these two events are in any way related, but I like to think that it was that one extra supporter who gave the All Blacks the motivation … Continue reading

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