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Falklands war – family of Welsh Guard receives Elizabeth Cross

What does the Falklands war mean to you? For many people the answer’s probably ‘not a lot’ as it happened almost 30 years ago. I have slightly odd memories of the conflict as I was living abroad at the time and when I did return to the UK, the fact that almost a thousand British … Continue reading

The view from north Wales

Carole Green looks at the issue of lip reading in Wales and how one woman, Theresa Evans, is an inspiration Most journos say it, but it’s true, the best thing about the job is the people you meet along the way. I caught up with a contact in Llandudno yesterday, who’s probably one of the … Continue reading

Epynt Mountain remembered 70 years on

Seventy years ago 219 people had to leave their homes on the Epynt Mountain to make way for the Sennybridge training range. The people had farmed on those hills for generations but they were forced off their land as part of the World War II effort. Their sacrifice is now being recognised with the launch … Continue reading

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