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Cheryl Gillan criticises Carwyn Jones’ ‘isolationism’

The Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan has written an article for the Conservative Home website attacking what she says is the iincreasing isolationism of the First Minister. Welsh Labour has responded fiercely. I’ll quote both in full. First here’s Cheryl Gillan’s article: Cheryl Gillan MP, Secretary of State for Wales, accuses Labour in Wales of taking … Continue reading

Assembly voting system: Conservatives join Labour (sort of)

If you’re reading this, you almost certainly know about the ongoing row over the possibility or otherwise of change in the way Assembly Members are elected and the controversy surrounding the position Welsh Labour’s taken on it. If you don’t you can read what I’ve said about it before here and here. Now Labour’s upping the … Continue reading

Assembly Voting System: Welsh Labour v. Electoral Reform Society

A furious row has erupted between Welsh Labour and the Electoral Reform Society, the latest in a series of disagreements over possible changes to the way Assembly Members are elected. The ERS says changes backed by Labour would ‘rob thousands of voters of a choice and vote’ and be ‘damaging for democracy and damaging for … Continue reading

Welsh Labour & Assembly voting system

Welsh Labour’s Executive Committee has backed a controversial call by the Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain to elect all Assembly members by first-past-the-post IF there are if to be changes to the boundaries. ‘IF’ is the crucial word because as you will see below, Welsh Labour has now set itself firmly against ANY change and … Continue reading

Welsh Government Budget talks

Behind the scenes in the Assembly, party leaders have been meeting to try to reach agreement on the Welsh Government’s spending plans. The reason why these meetings have been happening is because Carwyn Jones’ Labour Government doesn’t have a majority of votes in the Senedd; in fact the number of seats is equally divided between … Continue reading

Welsh Labour – “Charting the course” for a future UK government?

Welsh Labour delegates find themselves in a unique position at the party’s conference in Liverpool. The UK party as a whole is a party questioning itself, trying to work out what it did wrong before losing power in 2010 and coming up with some radical and controversial ideas about how to change in order to … Continue reading

Plaid Cymru: leadership… and Labour

Plaid Cymru has today set out some of what it wants from Carwyn Jones if he wants the party’s support in avoiding stalemate in the Assembly. AMs Elin Jones and Simon Thomas said Plaid wants the First Minister to publish a programme of government for the entire five-year term; an early indication of his likely … Continue reading

Who will win the title of Presiding Officer?

Political reporter Lynn Courtney examines the top contenders for the role of Presiding Officer, post-elections. Just as we politicos were relaxing last night after a hard day with our ears to the keyhole, I had a phone call from one of my contacts. Having left the Senedd snug in the knowledge that we more or … Continue reading

Election 2011 – Where now?

By Adrian Masters The dust is beginning to settle, the politicians are rested and refreshed and this is the week in which decisions will be taken which will have long-term consequences for Welsh politics. I expect to see some movement by the end of Monday from Carwyn Jones about how he intends to deal the … Continue reading

Assembly election results

Wales has voted – here are the details of how many votes each candidate has received. Constituencies are listed alphabetically. Assembly Election Seats: CON – 14; LAB – 30; LIB DEM – 5; PLAID – 11 ABERAVON LAB HOLD CON, TJ Morgan – 2,704; LAB, David Felix Rees – 12,104; LIB DEM, Helen Ceri Clarke … Continue reading

Guest blog: Leighton Andrews of Welsh Labour

We’ve been running a series of guest blogs from the four main political parties in Wales over the last few days ahead of this week’s Assembly elections. We finish with Leighton Andrews, Welsh Labour‘s education spokesperson. By Leighton Andrews Welsh Labour is the only party committed to addressing the school funding gap by raising school … Continue reading

Guest blog: Edwina Hart of Welsh Labour

We have been  running guest blogs from the four political parties over the last few days in the run-up to the Assembly Elections. We continue with Edwina Hart, Health Spokesperson for Welsh Labour.  By Edwina Hart Today’s National Health Service is a vast improvement on the situation Labour inherited in 1997. As a result of … Continue reading

Sir John Cadogan criticises parties over university funding gap

By Adrian Masters As political interventions go, this is one of the most intellectual: one of the UK’s leading scientists, backed by 60 other senior academics criticising all four political parties. What worries  Sir John Cadogan is that he says none of the parties in this election campaign is addressing concerns about the funding gap … Continue reading

ITV Wales to broadcast Welsh party leaders debate

A televised debate between the four Welsh party leaders is being shown by ITV Wales on Tuesday 26 April as part of our Wales Decides 2011 Assembly General Election coverage. And, on the afternoon of Friday May 6 as the final counts come in, ITV Wales will be showing a live election results programme fronted … Continue reading

Welsh Labour Manifesto

Three down. Today it was Welsh Labour’s turn to publish its manifesto.  Called ‘Standing Up for Wales’ you can read the full manifesto here. It’s a big document – coming in at 109 pages compared with Plaid’s 53 and the Liberal Democrats’ 66. And Labour, particularly the manifesto’s author Andrew Davies, reckon that in this case … Continue reading

The Passenger

From partner to passenger. That’s what Plaid leader Ieuan Wyn Jones became in the words of Welsh Labour spokespeople today. Mr Jones has been Economic Development minister as well as Deputy First Minister for the last four years of coalition government in Cardiff Bay. And when asked to list his achievements, he frequently points to the … Continue reading

Welsh Labour pledges 500 more Police Community Support Officers

A further 500 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) have been pledged for Wales. It is one of five key proposals put forward by the Welsh Labour Party ahead of May’s Welsh Assembly election. In a visit to Rhyl this afternoon, Neath MP Peter Hain, First Minister Carwyn Jones and local AM Ann Jones asked people … Continue reading

Lib Dems say schools, colleges confused by Leighton Andrews’ debate

Education Minister Leighton Andrews said on Monday that he wanted to start a debate on whether or not school sixth forms and colleges are offering too many courses leading to quantity not quality. He said, It made me raise the question, should we be looking in Wales at a narrower range of subjects? That move … Continue reading

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