Wales Decides: Assembly Election 2011

Follow the twists and turns of the election campaign with ITV Wales

ITV Wales will be bringing you the latest twists and turns and campaign points in the lead up to this year’s Assembly Elections.

Get up to the minute updates via twitter from our politics team headed up by Adrian Masters @adrianmasters84.

We’ll be speaking to the four political leaders about their vision for Wales future in our face to face programmes (you can find them online here after broadcast). You can also tune in to our televised Leaders’ Debate from the Coal Exchange in Cardiff on April 26.

Read expert analysis and news stories on the ITV Wales blog and find regular updates, speeches and interviews at ITV.com/Wales.

You can even join the debates and discussions happening around the election campaign yourselves, by joining our facebook page facebook.com/itvwalesnews

Latest news at ITV.com/Wales:

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Politicians Election Guest Blogs:

Find out our more about ITV Wales election coverage here


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