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What is a “guest blog”? 

A guest blog is a hybrid of a letter to the editor and a column. It’s most often written in the first-person about a particular experience, event or issue. Here are some examples of guest blogs we’ve published recently.

Can I write a guest blog?

Of course. We welcome submissions on just about anything that is related to Wales anytime. Because we are ITV Wales, the blog really does need to be relevant to the nation.

What makes a good guest blog?

Write about something for which you have passion and knowledge. Timeliness is key, so if you write a blog on an event, don’t wait more than a few days to submit it. The sooner the better.

The best blogs focus their point in the first few paragraphs. And paragraphs are best kept short — one to three sentences is normal. The best blogs usually run between 500 to 600 words.

We love facts. (We are a newsroom, after all.) So when you make points using any facts and figures, it is important that we know where you got them. Adding a web address of the source of your information is extremely helpful.

Writing about reviews and events is very popular. If you have tickets or are taking part, feel free to submit a blog post about the event or show. However, if are looking for “press access”, you need to get approval and let our editors obtain tickets for you. Please don’t represent yourself as ITV staff.

Please do not submit press releases as guest blogs. We are looking for unique stories and views.

What about photographs, audio clips and video?

If you have any of these that you would like to use in your guest blog, we welcome them. However, do make sure you have permission to give them to us for publication.

What do I get in return?

Every guest blogger gets a link to their own blog, website, Facebook page, and/or Twitter stream. We also publish a short one-to-two sentence bio of who you are as it’s relevant to what you’ve written. To go with that, we need a picture of you, preferably in a digital jpeg format. Unfortunately, we can’t pay guest bloggers. We can only give you exposure.

How do I submit a guest blog?

Email us at news@itvwales.com with “GUEST BLOG” in the subject line. (This is a big inbox, so be sure to use this subject line.) Please copy and paste the text of your blog into the email. Attach any photos or other media to the email; do not paste photographs into Word documents.

If I submit a guest blog, will you publish it?

We will try to publish every blog. But it is ultimately up to the online staff whether your piece goes on the ITV Wales blog.

I write my own blog. Will you only feature my writing if its on your site?

No way. We love people who blog, no matter where their posts are published. If you’ve written a particularly good post on your blog, we recommend tweeting us a link @ITVWales. (We monitor this from 8 to 8 on weekdays.) Or, you can email us a link news@itvwales.com to bring it to our attention.

If you want to discuss an idea for a guest blog, please get in touch with Jayne Lutwyche, Emily Gadd or Joni Ayn Alexander.

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