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Welsh Blood Service concerns

Concerns have been raised this week about the Welsh Government’s review into the way the blood service – which deals with donations and transfusions – is organised in Wales. Currently, the Welsh Blood Service operates in South, Mid and West Wales – but the North is covered by the UK’s National Blood Service, from its … Continue reading

Andrew RT Davies vs Nick Ramsay: Rod Richards gives his verdict on the contest so far

So what does the Welsh Conservatives’ first ever leader in the Assembly make of the current leadership contest? “Quiet and dull.” comes the response. According to Rod Richards, both candidates have failed to build enough of a public profile, choosing instead to concentrate on appealing to the membership, or in other words, the electorate. “Party … Continue reading

Andrew RT Davies’ launches bid to lead Welsh Conservatives

There’s now just one month to go before the Welsh Conservatives decide who’ll be their leader in the Assembly. Nick Ramsay launched his manifesto last week – last night it was the turn of his rival in the contest, Andrew RT Davies. You can read his manifesto here http://www.andrewrtdavies.com/ Pledging to be a ‘custodian of … Continue reading

A day in the life of Andrew RT Davies

David Cameron famously used You Tube to try and woo the nation via his ‘Webcameron’ videos. Now Andrew RT Davies has posted a video on You Tube, showing ‘A Day in the Life’ of the Conservative Assembly member for South Wales Central. Doing the school run, life on the farm….a chance to see him in … Continue reading

David Cameron and Nick Clegg launch their AV Referendum campaigns

After much wrangling in Westminster – we now know that in Wales we will be asked to tick not one, but two boxes on May 5. The referendum on changing the voting system for parliament will be taking place on the same day as the election for the National Assembly. Getting that vote was something … Continue reading

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