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Roll on the 2015 Rugby World Cup…

Not that I’m wishing my time away but I’ve calculated that it’s around  1450 days until the next Rugby World Cup, back here in the Northern Hemisphere, in 2015. I think the fact that a lot of us are talking about that already is a mark of how great the tournament just gone has been. … Continue reading

Wales deserve a warm welcome when they return home

You can follow Frances on Twitter – @FranDonovanTV Mike, Mark, Gareth and I are still smarting from that result on Saturday, like most of the rest of you, I suspect. I think what rankles the most is that the best team on the pitch didn’t ultimately run out winners. Wales played the better rugby and … Continue reading

Before the Wales/France match, a final word…

Frances Donovan presents the coverage of the match on ITV1 Wales from 8.30am on Saturday morning. Also, you can follow her on Twitter – @FranDonovanTV So, here we are, just a match away from a World Cup Final. Part of me wants to say I can’t quite believe it and it feels a bit like … Continue reading

Wales Show Christmas Special

It’s been a bit of a bittersweet week. The Wales Show has come to the end of another series and I’m going to miss it, but we’ve had a great time filming the links for our end of season Christmas special. Big thanks to Miskin Manor. The hospitality was as warm as the coffee and … Continue reading

Recording the last show of the season!

I can’t quite believe it but we’re coming to the end of another run of The Wales Show. Seventeen programmes have flown by. We’re putting together the end of season finale now – well they get away with saying that on The Mentalist and CSI, so why not The Wales Show?! (delusions of grandeur? Me?!) … Continue reading

Fran Donovan’s blog; a celebrity packed week in Wales

I’ve had a real A-list week this week – not actually limos and room temperature Evian my end but the interviewees are names you might recognise! I had a quick chat with Catherine Zeta Jones last night, ahead of the ‘Welcome to Wales’ concert at the Millennium Stadium which marks the start of the Ryder … Continue reading

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